A smattering of quilt blocks…

I can not believe that June is nearly over…. this year is slipping away way to fast.  It was with a small amount of panic that I realised this week that I was running out of time to finish up some of my Bee blocks, so armed with a pile of fabric, my iPad and a caffeine enriched beverage I set to work.

First up was the June blocks for my Do.good.Stitches bee…

curved blockThe block is a great log cabin variation…Though one block does not look that exciting, put four of them together and you get a fabulous orb pattern…

Hope circle orb blocksWhile we are on the subject of Do.good.Stitches Bee blocks, here is May’s blocks which were a blast to make…

scrap cross quilt blocksI have not done a cross block before and loved how easy it was to do.  I got a little carried away with this block and made a few extra.  I used Rachel from Wooden Spoons easy dimensions to make the block…plus lots of starch!

The final lot of Bee blocks I got done this week is a repeat of a block I did last year….

Scrapbeelicious block 2Yep the mini flying geese crazy is back.  This month it was Stephanie from Quarter Incher’s turn to be Queen of our ScrapBeeLicous Bee, and she choose the Liesl Made’s Flying Geese Block.  Yipee….

Scrapbeelicious block 1So I retooled my paper piecing pattern and set to work raiding my scrap stash.  I actually think the only way to make this kind of quilt is to do it as part of a Bee (and to paper piece ti!).  There is no way you want to be making more than a few of these blocks… okay there is no way I could make more than a few of these blocks and remain sane!

As it is Wednesday there is only one thing left to do….link up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.

20 thoughts on “A smattering of quilt blocks…

  1. Oh my… that’s WAY too many flying geese for me. I’d have lost my mind trying to get those to be so precise. Paper piecing is definitely the right way to go on those! And I love how those log cabin blocks come together… I was wondering about the non-traditional strip lengths/widths in the solo block, but it all makes sense now! πŸ™‚

    • I felt the same way about the log cabin. I am used to uniform strips on both sides but this is so effective. Our Bee leader did have us add extra width to the last two pieces of solid background just to make the orbs really pop.

  2. Well you got them done! And they turned out so pretty. I am so not ready for June to be over! We’re camping over the weekend, so my sewing time for the month ends Friday.

  3. I know how you feel. At the beginning of the month you think you have ages to get them done and then suddenly time is running out. They all look great

  4. These blocks are great. Do you mind telling me what was the width of the strips you used for the orb log cabin blocks? I want to try one for myself.

    • Rachel we used the dimensions in the tutorial (the link in the blog has all the dimensions on a handy PDF) but we did strips N and O at 2 inches instead of 1 1/4 inches in the pattern. Hope that helps.

  5. The mini flying geese are amazing! That quilt is going to look so stunning when they are all put together! But you’re right – I can’t imagine making more than a couple of those blocks on my own.

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