Paper Piecing Monday part….

Okay I am loosing count of how many Paper Piecing Monday’s I have done (could be jet lag!).  It does not seem to matter too much…. the more the merrier right.  So this week I mixed up the patterns again from Carol Doak’s 50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars to make this.  paper piecing star block 15

I went back to scrappy this week, using part of the Oklahoma block and part of the Ohio block from the book.  The block took 92 pieces, some of them very small.  It was a great way to use up more bits and pieces I had collected.

paper piecing star block pieces

I am not looking forward to pulling the paper pattern off this star, but that is the price you pay for paper piecing accuracy.

paper piecing star 15 back

11 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Monday part….

    • Thanks. I am enjoying putting this quilt together… though I am looking forward to changing out the colour scheme in 5 more blocks! Not sure what I will got with but I am a little over red/aqua at the moment. It will not last long though. I love this colour combination.

  1. I am loving all your blocks, they are so pretty. I have this book and have made a few of the blocks, is there a trick to sewing it all together with the paper intack. It was not a good experience for me, figured next time I would take paper off before I sewed them together.

    • I remove some of the paper in the more bulky areas before I sew the block together. There is usually enough of the pattern lines left that it is easy to know where to sew. With most of these stars there are areas where 8 plus bits meet at the center seam. It will always be a little bulk but removing the paper and ironing the seams open help. At the end of the day the patterns all use 1/4 inch seams which helps if I get really lost.

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