Priscilla Queen of the Hodge Podge

Today’s Hodge Podge block is the classic Priscilla block, which appears in the original 1898 Ladies Art Company Catalog in a simpler form.

priscillian quilt block

This block made a nice addition to my growing collection, and I have plans to make the simpler version too… no stripes, just four solid triangles.   You can find the pattern for this little 6 inch block here…Priscillia pattern.  Enjoy.

Paper Piecing Wednesday edition 5

Welcome to what I think is my fifth time posting Paper Piecing Monday on a Wednesday.  If you think how many PP Monday’s I have done 5 misses is not to bad…right!

Anyhow I have another Hodge Podge block for you this week.. this time it a 6 inch version of the classic Centennial block….

6 inch paper pieced star block

I had fun using all the the little bits of yellow I had laying around (many left over from my Starry Night Quilt) but using just one colour does not really do this star justice, here is my favored alternative colouring….

centennial block alternative colouring

So the free PDF pattern for this quilt can be found here…. centennial block pattern    I now need to move away from the star patterns I think, otherwise I may get type cast…

A fun Bee block…

This month I am the designated Quilter for my Do.Good.Stitches group….which means I get to set the block for the month that my other Bee members will be making.  My recent down time allowed me to paw over quilting books for hours uninterrupted which was a wonderful pleasure…and one of the patterns I found in an old quilting book was this block called Homeward Bound…

finished blue cross block

The finished block is 12 inches square (12 ½ unfinished) and is pretty simple to put together… all you need is…

block dimensions

Four (4) 3 ½ x 3 ½ squares for the outer fabric (grey)

Four (4) 3 ½ x 5 inch rectangles of the cross fabric (electric blue)

One (1) 3 ½ x 3 ½ inch square of the center fabric (light blue)

Four (4) 2 x 5 inch strips of sashing (white)

Four (4) 2 x 3 ½ strips of sashing (white).

You can see above how I pieced the block together in segments which made for quick and accurate assembly.  It is a fun block and I love the overall patterns these blocks are going to make…

cross wip

I can not wait to get all the blocks in… it is going to be fun watching this quilt come together.

The Hodge Podge returns…

Just before I went off-line for a couple of weeks, I had started to make my own sampler, using vintage quilt blocks from 100+ years ago.  I am loving how these blocks are coming together and decided to keep going with this project, so here is block number 4…. the Churn Dash…

churn dash block

This block is also referred to as The Wrench in some quilt books.  This six inch block was pretty easy to paper piece and as with all my Hodge Podge blocks you can find the free paper piecing pattern here….churn dash pattern.

You can also use this pattern to make a Greek Cross block….

greek cross variation

There are many more Hodge Podges to come… I may not have been able to sew in the last couple of weeks but I could wield a mouse and design some blocks!

More Hodge Podge….

As promised I am posting another on of my Hodge Podge Sampler blocks…today’s block has the wonderful title of Mosaic No.1 and is block number 334 in the 1922 version of the Ladies Art Company Quilt Pattern book (link to this later version of the book can be found here).

Mosaic No 1 block

The free paper piecing pattern for this block can be found here….Mosaic No1 block.

If you downloaded my first pattern, the Arkansas Snowflake on Monday, the pattern is a little small….Monday evening I amended the PDF so everything is fine, but you may want to down load the new pattern just in case…Arkansas snowflake pattern.

Now the final piece of business is naming the winner of this fabric bundle…

giveaway bundle

I had 300 entries for the draw and the lucky winner, selected at random is… Linda who commented “I don’t seem to have much of an imagination when I want to buy fun fabrics, so this lot certainly would give my, umm, somewhat ‘boring’ stash a fresh and happy ‘zing’! I think I would make my first ever hexie quilt; Recently, I punched out a huge bag of hexies, then realized I didn’t have any fun fabrics to make hexies with, so there sits the bag, on my coffee table, making me feel guilty…..”

Congratulations Linda and thank you to everyone who entered.