A new quilting adventure – wip Wednesday

After a couple of weeks of being able to do nothing but hexies I desperately wanted to start a new quilt.  I do have a large number of quilts to finish but I just had to do something new to blow out the cob webs.

So last week when I was feeling better I started going through my Bloglovin feed and found two projects that I just feel in love with.  First there was Cari at There’s a Thread  fabulous tutorial for making a Palatina Pillow.  Then I found Amy at 13 Spools interview with Faith from Fresh Lemons, which included a photo of a wonderful poinsettia mini quilt (link here).   These two projects inspired me to make my own version.

paper pieced star pattern

Using Photoshop, I took different bits and pieces from some blocks I had scanned and played with their layout, shape, position and size.  The end result was this…

wombat star string block

Which with fabric sewn on it looks like this…

star arrow block piece

The block was designed as a  4 x 4 inch block, the size I usually work with,  but for this quilt I blew it up to 7 x 7.   Blowing it up was as easy as selecting “scale to page” on my printer and then trimming the block using my ruler’s 1/4 inch mark rather than the dotted lines.

For me this is the perfect block to be working on at the moment, as you actually have to plan out the quilt  little.  So I have pulled out my colour pencils and have been pre-marking my paper patterns, block by block.  To make this pattern work how I wanted,  you must have blocks that match up, hence the pre-colouring!   As I am still unable to sew for long stretches and this process allows me to take breaks and go slower than usual.

When I put the blocks I have done so far up on the design wall I realised that there was another influence at work… my hexies.

hexagon work in progress

I just can not seem to avoid them at the moment!

51 thoughts on “A new quilting adventure – wip Wednesday

  1. I am so fond of your Monday paper piecing segment! I recently just took the plunge Ino paper piecing myself and I couldn’t be more smitten..that is until I saw this beauty! This is officially on my To-Do-Now list! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

    • Welcome. I love wip Wednesday because it forces me to take stock every week and is a fun part of my blogging schedule. I find so much inspiration from what everyone else is doing.

  2. Stop. Cath. You have got to just stop it. Your use if color and the way you out fabric together makes me want up sit at the sewing machine for hours. You have such an eye and I love being your blight friend bc you inspire me!!! This is beautiful. Glad you are back at it- full force, girl!

  3. What a stunning block!! I can already imagine the other coloured stars coming off it!!
    I can’t wait to see your progress!
    And gorgeous hexagons!

  4. I love that block! Especially the colors! Great job making your own pattern! Those hexies are adorable too I can totally understand why you can’t stay away.

    • Thanks for the compliment Laura. I really do love to play with colour. I must say I find myself shopping for fabric colours more and more these days as opposed to specific fabric lines or designer (exceptions to that rule are anything by Heather Ross, Lizzy House or Denyse Schmidt and the Architexture line!). I can not pass up a Fabric.com sale for my neutrals – black/white, grey, navy and whites. And I love spending hours at my local fabric stores finding the rest. I love variety so I buy a lot of fat quarters and quarter yard cuts. The best thing though is raiding my friends scrap bins. I have understanding and generous friends.

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  6. love this block! I was wondering if you had a pattern available? I think it would be perfect for a group quilt for the charity do.good stitches that I am planning out for next month! =)

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  8. My mom wants to do this pattern, and is wondering if you have written instructions somewhere (and how much of each print you used). Have you formally published this pattern? I’m attaching her contact info here.

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  12. I LOVE your work!!! 😊 you do such beautiful blocks & you are do generous with all your free patterns & info! I look forward to seeing your quilts in the future!

  13. Hello Cath, I am SO inspired by your creative projects! I am going to try the Star string pieced pattern. On this page, you mention it was created for your usual 4″ block and you blew it up to be a 7″ block by selecting scale to page. I scaled it up to 100% and when I print it and measure the block, I get 6 – 13/16 from solid line across to solid line and 7 -12/16 from dotted line to dotted line. I just measured from dotted line to solid line and I get 7/16 so that is just shy of 1/2″ Obviously my scaling to 100% is not working. Can you say more about how to print the pattern? I’d really like to try making this block into a quilt.

    Thank you again for sharing your creative skills and energy, I really appreciate it.

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  15. I know I’m a bit late but I love this block and have saved it. Hope you are better from whatever was bothering you way back then and can sew more now.

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