Square in Square fun – wip Wednesday

This week I have been playing with the  “square in square” quilt block (also known as a diamond in a square block).  I stumbled across the pattern on the weekend and decided that I had to see what I could do with it.    The first experiment is  with colour –  navy, emerald and pink/purple.

square in square quilt block

I am excited about how this quilt is coming together. The colours work well together and the pattern allows me to use those scraps I love so much!  To make the square in square blocks I used the paper piecing pattern below.  There is some good instructions on how to make this block using traditional piecing on the web, including some great instructions from Why not Sew? which you can find here.

square in square block

I also used this simple pattern this week to start a 1001 Peeps quilt.  I have a stash of Lizzy House fabric including quite a collection of her Arabian Nights themed fabric.  I have used little bits and pieces here and there but I wanted to use one of the lines colorways to make a quilt for Project Linus.  It is such fabulous kids fabric.

1001 peeps squrae in square block

This pattern makes it easy to use fussy cut bits and pieces.  I love how it really frames the wonderful prints  in this range.  I am half way through making these blocks and the quilt is coming together so quickly.  I have used a few prints that are not from the line including some tone on tone fabrics and a couple of prints from other Lizzy House lines.  Too much fun.

1001 peeps block pile

I am now off to buy a new ironing board.  We somehow managed to put a hole in ours which is making ironing and quilting a little more challenging than it should be!

22 thoughts on “Square in Square fun – wip Wednesday

  1. Wow! Your Peeps blocks are SO CUTE so far! I bet some Constellations prints would work right in. Some child will be so happy to receive this quilt through Project Linus.

  2. Hi! My first thought in your blog was ‘Oh how wonderful’! the photo on your header! You have so many beautiful quilts and projects going on! Sunny wishes from Greece! x Teje

    • I love how the test block came out so it is now going to become a full quilt. Another project to add to the pile. I love making the tops of the quilts, I just have to get more enthusiastic about finishing them all!

  3. Once again, your color scheme is spot on especially with all my favorites in the top one! Obsessed. My husband made me get my own ironing board so that he could keep his nice and pristine over my quilting ironing tantrums 🙂

  4. Love your blocks… the Peeps ones are fantastic. I’ve only tried paper piecing once but i’m definitely going to have to try this block. I’m a sucker for fussy cutting.

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  6. I was surfing the net on paper piecing and your blog is one that came up. Love it! I have done my very first 2 blocks from your Square in a square block. Love the colours on your blog and the lovely large pictures. Thanks heaps for this.

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