An abundancy of turquioise

This month there are a couple of resolutions in our house, that may or may not work.  Firstly my husband thought it would be a good idea if we did not eat any processed sugar during May.  I do not remember agreeing to this at all, but it seems that sugar is off the menu.  If the posts get erratic, the colours get to bright or I stop making sense, it is because I am suffering withdrawals.

The second resolution for May was to finish up more of the quilt tops I have floating around.   This resolution came about as I finished another two quilt tops this week and the pile of UFOs grew to an embarrassing level.  More quilting less piecing.  Combine this resolution with the other one and it could be an interesting month!

Anyway the two tops I finished up this week are both from the same pattern…. I blogged them originally here.  I used this pattern…

free square in square paper piecing pattern make this quilt.

modern scrap square in square quilt

This was a fun scrap quilt to make – lots of turquoise, navy (my favorite colour) and pink/purple.  I really like this colour combination, which I stumbled across while playing with my piles of fabric.

quilt detail

The other quilt top I finished was my 1001 Peeps top.

1001 peeps quilt top

I was battling the wind when I was taking these photos.  It is the problem of photographing tops as opposed to full quilts – there is no weight to hold them in place in even a gentle breeze.

1001 peeps detail

It is another reason why I have to quilt these suckers before I post.  I see a lot of basting in my near future!

18 thoughts on “An abundancy of turquioise

  1. I’m so desperately in love with your 1001 Peeps quilt!
    The two random blocks with the green pearl bracelet print are just perfect.
    The whole thing is just perfect 🙂

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