Tutorials & Tips

Here are some of my block tutorials, tips & tricks.   Just click on the photo and it will take you to where you need to go.


wonky star block


urban chicken finished


tweezer action


Bee Blocks


Scrappy four patch

11 thoughts on “Tutorials & Tips

  1. hello i write to you from a small village in france.i am new in the quilting but i love what you do and the colors you use it is different on what i have learned in my club.thank you for your beautiful paterns and excuse my bad english.see you soon on the web.christine

  2. SO PRETTY QUILT!!! Thanks very much! Cath, I love you so much for sewing such pretty quilts, I always dream that I become a creative and fashional sewer, then I will enjoy quilts sewed by myself.

    I will have a lot of disposable time. I do admit that I’m a beginner, but I love quilting very much, and I often find some tutors about how-to-make-A-quilt by Internet such as http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Quilt, or http://www.wikihow.com/Hand-Sew-a-Quilt .etc

    At beginning, I used an old manual sewing machine, and then I have troubles on how to use it effectively and comfortably . Some day ago, an old sewer gave me an advice that I should have a user-friendly computerized sewing machine.

    But how to choose a suitable machine troubled me again, and then worked hard for several hours on google, so I finally find a clear comparison chart among all kinds of sewing machines on the site http://www.bestsewingmachinereviewspro.com and select one which is best for me.

    It is very helpful to me, and I am happy to share my trouble of growing up to a fashional sewer.

    Many beautiful quilts Made by myself are waving to me in my dream, I will keep going for be a pretty sewer.

    Thanks again for Cath! We all love your cute forever!

  3. I am doing you neon star as a block in my guild yearly challenge. I have never done paper piecing before, I think I’m in love. I have one question, how do I get my sections to nest properly? They don’t and my points are off a bit. Any help is appreciated and thank you so much for such great stars

    • Laura the best way to get your pieces together accurately is to use a pin. The technique I use is to stick a pin straight through one of the points on a block piece that needs to be aligned and then find the matching point on the other block piece I am going to sew and stick the same pin straight thru it. You end up with a pivot point for your pieces which you use to align them. I then will grab a more pins and pin the pieces together the traditional way to make sure the pieces I am going to sew do not slip. Let me know if this makes sense, if not I can photograph what I am talking about or find a link.

  4. That makes sense. I finished what I was working on and I love the ease of the paper piecing (once figured out the working from the back and front) and will do more. I have several people ask where I got the pattern from and I have referred them to you website. Thank you so much for putting it out there for us.

  5. I enjoy your webpage so much. Thank you for all the tips and free instructions. I love paper piecing so I was thrilled to find all those patterns.

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