Paper Piecing Monday with a twist

Today’s paper piecing block is a tiny bit different.    At last month’s Portland Modern Quilting Guild we were given a sampling of Michael Miller’s fabulous  new Neon range.   It was love at first sight.    The fabric came with the challenge to make a 12 1/2 block or a sewn item out of just the Neon line and Couture cotton bits we were given.    After pre-washing the solid fabrics I lay out my Neon bits and played.  I do not usually wash my fabric before I use it,  but the intensity of the dye to get the neon colours means that pre-washing is a necessity for the solids in this line.

After lots of arranging and re-arranging I came up with this block.

paper pieced star block

The pattern is the Connecticut star from Carol Doak’s “50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars” (my favorite book at the moment but I promise I will move on soon!).  I played with the pattern in the book a little, to get the effect I wanted.  I am relishing the freedom that these paper piecing patterns encourage.

paper piecing star blcok pieces


I have such fond memories of the 1980’s, they were pretty good years for me, bad hair and questionable dress sense aside.  I swear I had a shirt back then that was in the same fabric as the center part of the star!

I had so much fun with this fabric  line that I  just ordered more Neon from  Please don’t tell my husband!

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