Paper Piecing Monday presents Lithium

I am a little late posting this week’s block and I am blaming Wimbledon.    I have been watching the matches on my computer which meant I had to wait for Tomic (the last Aussie standing) to loose his match.  Now that the tennis is over for today, my computer is free to post this weeks block.   And so I present my version of Lithium….

Free paper piecing pattern

This is another fabulous pattern from Julie’s Block Rock’n series.  You can find the free paper piecing pattern at her blog  Make sure you check out  Julie’s version of Lithium, it shows what real variety you can get with this pattern.

Litium block pieces

I am sure I will be doing this block again, without the constraints of the my current colour palette of grey and one other colour (it seemed like such a good idea at the time!).   I also may have got a little carried away with the dots this week!

Next week I will have enough blocks to start laying out this quilt to see how it is coming together, so stay tuned for some WIP shots.

Linking up with Let’s Get Acquainted which is being hosted this week by Quilts in the Queue.

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