Some work is being done by not enough…

Ah it is work in progress Wednesday and I had hoped to have some new fun things in the pipeline but instead I am dealing with this…

left hand

Ah yes 2013 is kind of kicking my butt at the moment.  This small set back has limited some of my quilting activities, but has not stopped me completely.  This week I have:

1.  Made a bee block for Ashley at Wasn’t Quilt in a Day.  Ashley requested the converging corners block in bright colours.

Ashley's Bee block

2.  I have finished up the last of  my fussy cut squares for Amanda at What the Bobbin.

fussy cut swap

3.  I am finishing up a block for a top-secret project.

special block

4.  I have been slowly adding to my hexagon quilt.  In a strange twist of fate it is easier for me to machine piece at the moment than hand piece!

hexagon wip

In the last 9 months nothing has stopped me quilting not a slipped disk in my neck, nerve damage in my right arm, laparoscopic surgery or now a torn tendon in my left arm.  I am either determined or crazy… or maybe a little bit of both!

27 thoughts on “Some work is being done by not enough…

  1. You know I love those hexies – the ants, the music, and the fussy cuts on the diamond/squares – the lady bugs. adorable. BUT, we all know I am loving that converging corners block! love ALL of those colors! love the pearl bracelets – and that fuchsia leave print, and the orange is one of my all time favs that i don’t own! so can’t wait to make this quilt. and, you are on dedicated and determined quilter!!! keep on, my friend!

  2. I clicked “like” not for your poor hand but the amazing things you’ve managed to do even so. Look after yourself. the log cabin looks interesting, I can’t imagine how you hand sewed those hexies?

  3. Determined and crazy? Glad I am not the only one out there! What a great combination! You are sure to go places with those tendencies. Sorry to hear you are still being troubled with yet another set back. Praying you will heal quickly.

    • Thanks for your kind thoughts. I like the idea do being a little crazy – I think most quilters are a little mad. Particularly any one who makes 2 inch blocks, hand piece their quilts or do curves of any sort. LOL.

  4. Nothing stops you!! Sorry, I’m horrible at commenting – I get your posts through email and I always forget to go back. Anyway, I love the colors/fabrics you have chosen, too! And thanks for the sweet and creative comment on my blog!

  5. !!! You’re more productive with a hurt hand than I am just normal-sauce. Love your converging corners block. I’m starting to get jealous of Ashley’s quilt, and it’s not even made up yet.

    • Her quilt is going to be awesome… Though I had resist the urge to put something in middle of the big white square center. My husband wanted to draw in the center but I stopped him.

  6. Aa…ah you poor soul you really have had a hard time! Take it easy and recover well! Enjoy all those other aspects of quilting that you can do while resting up!! Just loving those hexagons and Ashley’s block is gorgeous! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Marie x

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