It is time for another Bee Block….

Ah yes it is that time again… I am setting another block for my fellow Do Good Stitches gang… and this month snuck up on me so I have resorted to a variation of an old faithful….the wonky star…

dgs wonky star

For this 12 inch block I used:

  • Fifteen (15) low volume 3 1/2 inch squares
  • One (1) black/dark grey 3 1/2 inch square
  • Eight (8) black grey triangles – I used scraps but you can cut a 3 inch square in half to make the triangles.

Step one is to make the star points:

To make the star points you will need 4 of your low volume squares and your triangle pieces.

step 1


Take one of the squares and sew a triangle onto one corner, making sure the pattern sides of your fabric are together and when the triangle is flipped it covers the corner of your square.


step 2


Next trim the excess low volume fabric from the corner and press the triangle over into place.



step 3


Then add another triangle of fabric to the other side of the square…. sew it down … trim the excess low volume fabric and press over.



step 4


Your next step is to trim your block back down to 3 1/2 inches square.



step 4a


The back of your block should look like this…. now repeat the process until you have 4 star point sections.



block layout

Step Two:

Lay out your block as illustrated….

sewing block together







Step Three:

Sew the block together in rows… then sew the rows together to make a completed block.






What I love about this block is that has built in negative space which allows for you to stagger the stars layout when putting the quilt top together.  You can also make a couple of blocks that are just low volume squares (no star) to break up the layout of the quilt.

In the coming months I will have two different variations of this quilt to show you, as I also used this block recently at out Guild charity sew day.   For the sew day we used a rainbow of solids and a white star which gave us a really fun bright quilt.  If you want to see a work in progress shot of that quilt head over to my Instagram account.

21 thoughts on “It is time for another Bee Block….

  1. I love these Wonky Stars Quilts. Always so effective, whether the Stars are white/cream or pastels. I haven’t seen one with black/dark grey stars so I’m looking forward to seeing your when it’s finished.

  2. I really like this concept of floating the star in a larger patched block of various low-volume fabrics. Brava!

  3. I really like the asymmetrical layout, and your suggestion that not every block has to contain a star. Should make a lovely quilt, and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Don’t forget to post the result 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing the “how To” on this block. My grandmother taught me to machine sew by making a 9 patch quilt. Any seam not straight was ripped out. How relaxing to know i can make a wonky seam and be fine with it. Gram wouldn’t be, but I am!

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