Catching up is fun….

Going through my old photos recently I found a couple of quilts that I had not shared on the blog… some of them I was happy to let go but there were a few that I wanted to share… the foxes was one and this is another…

finished scrap quilt

I started these blocks a year or so ago, after I managed to give myself a nice little concussion… the blocks were easy and used up quite a bit of my 2 1/2 inch charm square stash.   I used a free pattern I found at the Fat Quarter Shop called Sister’s Choice…and it was the perfect project for my addled brain.

block detail

I did not have to cut up too much fabric… just the sashing as I used all my precut scraps to make the blocks.  nI was not going to sash the blocks originally but I like how the white gives the quilt breathing room.  It really works… and I must admit I have sashed some more quilts since this.

The best part of the process was putting together color combinations…

quilt detail

I struggled a little towards the end to find different color combinations and relied heavily on some neutrals to round things out… grey became my good friend with this project.

quilt detail 3

I finished the top up and then one of our wonderful charity long armers quilted and bound the quilt for me.  I do not usually get this much help on my charity quilts but it was perfectly timed, as I was still struggling with post concussion issues.  I love the wave pattern they chose…it is simple but adds great movement to the quilt.

quilt detail 2

This quilt went to the PICU over 6 months ago so it’s new owner should have warn it in well by now.

Quilt Details:

Block:  Sister’s Choice
Fabric:  both color and white on white scraps
Size:  50 x 50 inches

14 thoughts on “Catching up is fun….

  1. Playing with fabric can be very healing. Your eye for color combo’s was not injured with the concussion! I am sewing with some seniors at an assisted living facility, and I think they like picking out the squares the very best! Their ability to manage small squares is lost, but they love 5″ squares that I bring. I’m thinking this pattern could translate easily into a “big block” square! 🙂

  2. That’s lovely and the colours go so well together. Blessings to your day, as I look out my window this morning, the sky is thick with snowfall……in April!! Your colours gave me a smile 😊

  3. The sashing was a great choice, it really lets each block show off a bit, which allows all the different combos to fit together.

  4. I think I remember that time and the blocks. So nice to see the finish and know that you are doing way better now. The quilt is beautiful! The sashing makes the “stars” pop – I really love that. I would have never seen such a colorful design in the original pattern – you rocked that!

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