Well things have got interesting…

It has been over a year since I have blogged and what a year it has been.  Like everyone else I have hunkered down in my house, venturing out only when absolutely necessary.  You would think this would mean a flurry of quilting activity but it has not.  Like so many I have found it hard to be creative in lockdown… and I have made a LOT of masks.

So to try and break out of this rut I thought I would share a few quilts with you that have been finished in the last year.  When I actually looked at what I had shared and what I had not I realized there was quite a bit of stuff that you have not seen… so we are going to start with this beauty…

finished aqua cross quilt

This quilt was made a one of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild (PMQG) charity sew days… back when we had charity sew days… oh I miss those days and that wonderful group of ladies.  Anyway I digress…

aqua close

The block was a simple nine patch block with an extra background row on two sides of the nine patch.  I love adding the background to the block as it allows for lots of fun negative space when you lay out the quilt.  If you are not sure what I mean look at my Bee Block post from May 2018.  I used the same technique when I made the wonky star blocks.

aqua closeup

I used a ton of pre-cut 3 1/2 inch squares… I have got in the habit of  “processing” my scraps through the Accuquilt die cut machine and so have boxes and boxes of squares.  3 1/2 are my favorite size and I have made lots of charity quilts with them.

closeup 2

For this quilt we wanted to be gender neutral and a little more teen than kids – so I picked a black/dark grey printed background with white and cream prints for the cross parts.  The center squares were all solid fabrics in shades of aqua.

aqua quilting detail

The quilting on the quilt added a wonderful layer to this design, echoing the squares of the quilt in the pattern of the quilting.  I am always in awe of the amazing group of long armers who help make these charity quilts.  Their talents always add so much to the finished product.   This quilt was donated to last years Camp Erin where I hope it gave comfort to a grieving camper.


Of course I must finish up with a the obligatory shot of Mr Wombat’s pinkies.  These photos were taken last year before lock down and he was such a good sport as we drove around town looking for interesting walls to photograph things against.  I am hoping to convince him to come with me to photograph a new batch of quilts in the coming week – of course while we wear masks and social distance.


Block:  12 inch Floating nine patch
Fabric:   Scraps and selection of Kona solids.
Quilt Size:  60 x 72 inches

29 thoughts on “Well things have got interesting…

  1. love your quilt (colors/design/quilting)! thank you for sharing… and i am sure you all brought comfort to a teen 🙂 stay well 🙂

  2. I too found the lockdown here in Canada completely extinguished my creative self! Happily that is now coming back online…looking forward to a nice rainy winter filled with quilting (I have an outdoor job in the summer months, so winter is for quilting). Love your quilt!

  3. I’m glad to hear from you again. We always enjoy seeing your quilts and the hubby’s pinkies. Stay in touch if you can.

  4. What a lovely surprise to see your smiling face on a post once again 🙂 I hope you’re both well – the pinkies are looking pretty robust! You’ve got a great collection of black and dark grey prints there, really gorgeous, and they make the aquas really pop. North Queensland hasn’t really had a tremendous lockdown because the whole state has so far escaped the horrors that are currently happening in Victoria, but even so I hunkered down and got on with projects I’d been dithering about, with the result that lots of hand-stitched items are now approaching completion. Oh, and masks, of course. And somehow a lot of mending I’d been putting off also happened. So, not new creativity, but all the same, progress. Stay well, both of you, and hope to hear more from you soon. xxx

  5. Welcome Back!!
    What a nice surprise to see you in my inbox!! I had checked your website recently to be sure you had not gotten accidentally dropped from my email feed. And today, here you are!!
    Love this quilt so much…the dark fabrics really make the aqua fabrics pop….thanks so much for sharing! Looking forward to receiving more emails with more amazing quilts in the near future!!
    Take care…

  6. Welcome back Cath. I have missed you. I love this quilt and your colors. You always give me inspiration and ideas to step outside of the block! I like the quilt design as well. Hope someday soon we will be able to get back to getting together. Appreciate you taking time to post and keep us update. Hope you and yours are staying healthy and safe. Take care and see you soon

  7. This is an awesome quilt! I always admire your charity quilts. So glad to see a post pop up 🙂 Especially love the colors and those pictures with the same shade wall – fun! Stay well xo Melanie

  8. So glad to see you again! And glad to know I’m not the only one who hasn’t been super productive. Instead of sewing I’ve been cleaning and sorting my supplies and fabrics. And sketching and planning new projects.

    Hugs and stitches. Looking forward to more of your inspiring work 🧵

  9. Sooo glad you and pinky are well. I am mostly caught up with mending. Isolation is a new skill. Hope to see you again soon.

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