And back again… so soon….

Since I am on a roll I thought I would share another quilt from last years very productive PMQG Charity year….

This quilt was once again made at one of the monthly sew days we used to have at Modern Domestic…. and once again it is a simple patchwork block using 3 1/2 inch squares.

This time I gathered a rainbow of squares in a selection of specific colors. The block has a particular layout with to give the rainbow some uniformity. I first made this block years ago (2013) using a tutorial by Blue Elephant Quilts… and you can find the layout of the specific pieces on their original post…

It really is amazing what different things you can do with 3 1/2 inch squares. This quilt embraced the bright and the novelty prints which was so fun… and is always the case I swear we had more precut squares when we were finished this than when we started. Be warned do not leave precut squares unattended, they will breed.

To get the full impact of the rainbow splat we decided to do a layout with sashing. I do not usually sash quilts but this one really works with the black and white border. The sashing was expertly done by fellow PMQG charity volunteer Jenny McKee. Jenny has mad skills and was able to add a border without any sweat… were it would have taken me forever and lots of swear words to do it properly.

I did however make the back of the quilt which was equally rainbowy. The fabric for the back was part of a huge donation we received which was full of glorious black and white prints and two pieces of this wonderful print. It really was the perfect back for the top.

And as always we finish with the obligatory pinkies… no amount of begging will get him to hold a quilt like a normal person!

Quilt Details:

Block: 12 inch simple patchwork
Fabric: 3 1/2 inch scraps
Finished Size: 60 x 70 inches

18 thoughts on “And back again… so soon….

  1. I am seriously crushing on that numeral fabric. Your first photos look like you are standing in front of a larger quilt – what a fantastic wall of color you found! I love this quilt from a distance, but it’s really fun up close! The backing is great too!

  2. Gorgeous Rainbow Splat 🙂 But seriously, why would you want a ‘normal’ person holding your quilt when you can have your own lovely crazy person, who will hold it with style, class, éclat, chutzpah and more than a touch of pinkie…?

  3. super pretty quilt, Cath.
    I would love to make one of these. I could… I should.
    I love the setting you chose for the photoshoot too. Wow, perfectly happy

  4. I am impressed my the quilt but even more so by this awesome wall that you found! I see so many beautiful walls in US quilt pictures and am delighted. And they are always free of grafiti ?!? Just amazing quilt pictures. Glad you got to arround to documenting it xo

  5. So glad you are blogging again. isolation from inspiration does not help my creative juices flow but seeing your creations really helps. Love seeing the quilts and the finger.

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