Another Do Good finish…

I am back with another finished Do Good Stitches quilt… actually the weather in Portland has been lovely these last couple of weeks so I had the chance to photograph a few quilts which I will share over the coming weeks… but first up…

do good stitches wonky star quilt

These blocks were made by myself and my fellow Hope Circle Bee hive members.  I love a good wonky star and this block was extra fun because of the low volume background.

modern scrap quilt

Using blacks and dark grey for the stars meant that the fabric we used as the background could have more color and interest in it.   The stars were going to stand out against just about anything we threw at them… so we went fussy cut, novelty print crazy.  The background does make for a good game of I spy.

easy kids quilt

The only low volumes that were a little problematic were the black and white ones… and only when they were used in making the star points.  When choosing your low volume fabrics for a project it is always a good idea to:

(1) double check that they read low volume…. I do this using the mono chrome setting on my phone camera.  Some low volumes can be deceiving and are tonally much darker than they appear.

(2) check that the print does not interfere or intersect with the foreground or main fabric.  I have had this happen when the low volume print have had a strong print with the same color in it as my foreground fabric (this is why the black and white prints could be problematic with this quilt).

wonky star detail 3

Because of the structure of this block you have a bit of built in negative space to play with.  The block uses 3 1/2 inch squares, so one side of the block is just negative space (you can find the directions for the block here)…

Modern scrap bee block

Scrappy wonky Star 12 inch block

This allows you to play with the layout of the stars on the finished quilt.  The layout can be uniformed or more off grid, like I did.

quilt detail

I must admit I loved the randomness of the star layout in this top… I think it gets your eye moving around the quilt in interesting ways.

As always this quilt is heading out into the world to do some good… at our local Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  So many hands help make this beauty and I am constantly reminded how many good people there are out there in the world, trying to make a difference.

Quilt Details:

Block:    12 inch off set wonky star
Fabric:   Scraps and more scraps
Size:       60″ x 60″

29 thoughts on “Another Do Good finish…

  1. Love me a wonky star any day!!!! Adore the low volume fabrics – they add such interest! I love the way the stars are off-center! Got to remember this trick!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You can’t beat Wonky stars quilts and this is a terrific example of a beauty. Great idea to have the black and grey stars set against those neutral backgrounds. Brilliant finish.

  3. This is wonderful! I’ve got a crush on low volume fabrics these days and those stars perfectly showcase them here. Great tip on the low volume deception, I’m going to use your mono chrome phone tip! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I always love your wonky star quilts. This one is no exception – rather a certainty as I love black – have to keep this idea in mind 🙂 xo Melanie

  5. That’s exactly what I noticed about the quilt. My eye immediately and automatically traveled around with the star layout. Great job!

  6. Love your quilt and all of your work, but it is nice to see you blogging again. I followed you regularly, then you seemed to disappear and we all know life gets in the way sometimes…so I waited patiently in the background periodically checking your site. This am I was reading and the word Wombat came up and I thought…Wombat quilts, wonder if she is back? I am delighted to see you blogging again and am happy to catch up. Hope all is well, keep up your beautiful ways!

  7. That is one knockout of a quilt, and I like that it is friendly and engaging as well as beautiful! Congrats on the donation: cannot imagine what a ray of sunshine this will have brought to someone in a tough corner. Kudos, ladies!

  8. I love this quilt and am getting ready to start my 2nd ever quilt; it will be a wonky star Halloween quilt. I have lots of different fabrics, but mainly orange, black with a grayish tinge. Also some random purple and green splashes. Some prints are larger and some are smaller. I don’t understand “low volume” prints. Can you please go into more detail of what that is? Sorry, I really want to make this a special quilt for my adult son, he loves Halloween and requested it.

    • Hi Karen. Low volume prints are white/cream background fabric with prints on them (sometime pastels are also used). Low volume prints read very light when you look at their tone (I use my cell phone camera and the black and white setting to measure fabrics tone). I use them as an alternative to a white on white print or white solid fabric.

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