The weather has finally co-operated…

After some miserable weeks of rain here in Portland it has recently fined up enough for me to drag Mr Wombat out and about to photograph some quilts.  It used to be much easier when I hung the quilts on the back fence, but not as much fun.   The first of the recent quilts I am going to share is a Do Good Stitches finish….

double cross quilt

You might recognize the block as I shared the details for making the double plus block in November and if you are interested you can find the pattern here

pinkies close up

It is a fun block and a real scrap buster…and my fellow Do Good peeps did a great job with their Double Pluses.   Mr Wombat was also on good pinkie form don’t you think?

double cross quilting

In true scrappy form it is full of fussy cut goodness and fun bright colors… and is wonderfully gender neutral I think.  I do love my charity quilts to be cheerful and worthy of a good game of I spy.  I was talking to a friend today about stashes and I realized where other people (aka. grown ups)  go for simple blenders, I will always go for a novelty print if I can.

double cross detail 4

The quilt was quilted and bound by one of the fabulous PMQG members.  Our Charity program receives quite a few quilts from different Do Good Circles (or Bees), and each one is sent to our local Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  Every month or so we send to the hospital between 15 to 30 quilts… some of them are panel quilts but most of them are beautiful handmade masterpieces.

double cross detail 5

I am constantly in awe of the people of my quilting community and the wonderful work they do.  I have always made charity quilts – it has been my passion/obsession for over 20 years… but I never expected so many people to jump in so enthusiastically and help out.  I am constantly speechless at the generosity I see.   There is such good in the world.

double cross detail 3

Quilt details:

Pattern:  12 inch Double Plus block
Fabric:  Scraps…nothing but scraps.
Quilt Size:  48 x 60 inches

25 thoughts on “The weather has finally co-operated…

  1. I love these fun, happy, colorful ones. Nice job 🙂 I love making quilt tops; the binding and quilting, not so much. I should probably team up with someone else, although then I’d probably feel like it wasn’t quite my quilt.

  2. Beautiful quilt— you’re right there is so much good in the world! I made myself a rainbow Dresden mini and embroidered in the center “Believe there is good in the world” where the words Be The Good are the same color to stand out. It helps me to focus after listening to all the hate I hear on TV daily!

  3. Such a fun quilt for a child, with all those prints to explore. And you picked a great door to photograph in front of, with that excellent pair of pinkies doing sterling service. Well done, both Wombats!

  4. Love the lively colors! And Mr. Wombat’s pinkie is in rare form. Here in New England, we skipped Spring this week, went right into Summer. But Spring comes back next week. Just in time to back a lap quilt of hexagon triangles.

  5. Love this quilt! Your quilts always make me smile!! I thank you for sharing them, to give all your blog readers inspiration…
    This pattern is amazing….it has such potential in that all fabrics would work… And it would be good for all ages…thanks again for sharing!

  6. I love this quilt! And didn’t imagine from the block that the smaller cross would create the look of a pieced sashing. Clever girl!

    • I must admit I did not originally know it would create the sashing effect either but it works. I did have to add a border of small pluses on one side of the quilt to even it out but it was worth it.

  7. Yes, you are right on all counts: fabulous pinkie action, great scrap buster and definitely gender neutral.
    I go for blenders. I love a novelty print, but I tend to only use them if they have a dominant colour that allows them to have a foot in both camps: a novelty blender!

    • I am totally with you in regards to Novelty blenders. They are my absolute favorite. I do have some novelty fabric that is not really blenders by most of it reads as a low volume or as a specific color. Lizzy House, Heather Ross and Cotton & Steel are exceptions to that rule, of course

  8. Ooo I love this quilt. Your use of background fabrics is wonderful, and really brings out the clear brightness. I always forget you’re not an Aussie! I’m think ‘oh she is visiting the US’! 😊

    • Hi Aileen… I am an Aussie through and through… I just happened to accidentally marry an American. So now I am US based… but I still have an accent and call “gas” petrol and “the trunk” the boot.

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