Paper Piecing Monday the Global edition

Welcome to another edition of Paper Piecing Monday.  On the weekend I found the perfect layout of my current sampler blocks and I am very excited.  The pattern uses just 10 blocks so I am nearing the end of this colour way.  But before we say good-bye there is a block or two to do…

Free paper piecing star block

The block is Julie at 627handworks “Global Concept” paper piecing pattern.  You can find the free pattern here.  As with all of Julie’s patterns there are so many ways this block can be interpreted.  I went with the light grey star in the center after toying with the idea of using the light blue fabrics in the center piece.   I am loving how it finished up.

Global block pieces

The block takes 35 pieces  and is one of the least complex of Julie’s patterns, not that you can tell by the finished block.  Using all scrap pieces to make my “Global Concept” added a complexity to it, which I love.

More music inspired paper piecing next week…


19 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Monday the Global edition

  1. Officially a WQ groupie. I think your gray+bursts of color is going to have to be our do.Good inspiration for September 😉

    • Too funny, I am pulling my hair out at the moment looking for a block/inspiration for our do.Good.Stitches group. I have only just joined the group and I am Quilter in October. Panic is setting in. Does it get easier?

  2. What can I say Cath ……your a whizz with colour and I love the block. Amazing……….!! I love when I open up this blog to see what delights you have created. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. hi. i am really looking forward for mondays and your new posts. i just started paper piecing. thanks to you and your inspiration. i love it! 🙂

    • I am glad you are giving paper piecing a go. I really do love it – even the final bit of pulling the paper off I find relaxing and a little therapeutic. Please et me know when you ave some blocks done so I can see what you are creating.

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