A Yummy work in progress

Last weekend I took part in the Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guild Meetup – quite a mouthful hey!  Guilds from around the Pacific Northwest gathered in Portland to meet, sew and basically have a great time.  It was a lot of fun and I meet some amazing quilters.  One of the events on Saturday was a charity sew day at Modern Domestic.  I spent several glorious hours using an amazing Bernina Sewing machine making these…

Yummy quilt block

As part of the goodie bag for the Meetup there was small packets 2 1/2 squares of Lecien’s “Happy Mochi yumyum” fabric (Monica, the designer of these fun fabrics is a Portland MQG member).

little bags of fabric

I gathered my packets, hunted down some of the spare packets that were left over and then bribed some more packets from some friends.  Finally when I thought I had enough, I went to work.

blocks in progress

I paired the fabric with some Kona “Snow” and happily sat chain piecing and ironing for hours.  I managed to get 4 blocks of 12 done during my time at the Sew Day, then bought the whole process home to finish.

work space

There is Yumyum all over my work space, which is fine with me.  It is such a happy fun fabric and works well in 2 1/2 inch squares.

design wall 2

I am hoping to have the top finished by Friday, so I am off to quilt some more.


26 thoughts on “A Yummy work in progress

    • I think this is a once a year event. Last year the meet up was in Seattle, this year Portland. Next years venue is still to be decided I believe. N it was such a blast I am sure they are just going to grow and grow.

  1. Oh that fabric looks awesome in 2-1/2 inch squares. The blocks are so fresh and cute. The meetup sounds great. Our MQG (the ECMQG) is a small (but growing) and elite group! Perhaps the only one on the Gulf Coast? Perhaps not, but fun nonetheless!

    • I love the friendship and inspiration that the Guild brings. I do not know what I did before PMQG came into my life. You should see what other guilds are around – meet ups are such a great way to see what others are doing.

  2. I have one more packet of fabric if you need it! Looks fantastic! We are going to have the best quilts to donate to the Quilters Dream Hopes and Dreams Challenge for ALS! Thank you! – Michelle

  3. I’ve seen so many pics of the meetup on IG – it looked like fun. That’s so great that you were able to score some Happy Moochi Yum Yum-it’s such a bright happy line.

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