Quilts for kids

I can not believe that we are already 13 days into September… this month is going way to fast for me.  I have Bee blocks to do and quilts to finish and not a sewing elf in sight.  Augh!

As September is slipping away I bustled this week to get a couple more quilts finished for the 100 Quilts for Kids project.  I raided my pile of unfinished/nearly finished quilts and found two that I could easily complete without too much sweat, and that would be kid suitable.

Scrap spiderweb quilt

The first quilt is my scrappy spiderweb quilt, which has been sitting waiting to be completed for over a year.

spiderweb quilt detail 2

I really put a dent in my scrap pile with this little beauty.  Lots and lots of different fabrics which means lots of “I spy” potential.  It is a really fun quilt.

spiderweb closeup

The other quilt I finished this week is a quick and easy wonky star quilt.  I must admit wonky stars are my all time favorite “go to” quilt if I have to get something done in a hurry.

easy kids quilt

For this quilt I used a darling fussy cut novelty fabric for the center piece and then bright scraps for the star points.  Most of these scrap triangles were left over from my “sparkle punch” wonky star quilt.

wonky star quilt detail

To back the quilt I used some bigger pieces from the same fabric range by Jone Hallmark.

wonky star quilt back

Both these quilts side by side you can see which one I spent days and days making and which one was done in a few hours.  In the end both will be loved and treasured in equal measure, I hope.

22 thoughts on “Quilts for kids

  1. Beautiful! SO kind of you to do!

    (I happened to notice the comment ahead of me. As it turns out, it has happened to me a few times, google will occasionally decide I’m a spammer. It seems to happen to I make a moderate number of comments on various blogger blogs. The only way I’ve found to fix it is to go to my blogger account, switch it from google+ to blogger. If my blogger profile doesn’t have a link for “email me”, I’m no reply. I edit my profile, turn on show my address, and save it. Then switch back to google+ and all is well again. Sucks. I really wish blogger blogs would let me use my wordpress credentials.)

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  3. These are adorable– love the stripey binding on the stars!! I know it’s not about the prizes, but if you want to post a picture of your 2nd quilt to facebook or flickr or another blog post and link up, you get two entries. And the prizes are fun. Thanks so much for linking up, too. Happy Sewing.

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