The drama of Paper Piecing Monday

Oh it has been a fun morning of paper piecing this Monday (please note this statement is to be read with an Aussie accent and a hefty amount of sarcasm).  This week I designed my first 12 inch star block.  I was pleased with what I had come up with and that I was finally getting a hang of the design software.  I printed out the pattern, sewed up the blocks till I had four square blocks…

WQ block pieces

I had colour coded my pattern because I wanted to play with the lights and darks of this block and was thrilled with how things were working out.  Then I went to sew the squares together and discovered  a tiny design fault – one of the seams does not line up exactly… insert appropriate swear words.


Frustrated I decided to sew the whole star together anyway just to check out the design… this is how it looks.

paper pieced star block

I was planning on attaching the pattern for this block, but I now have to go and amend it.  I will make sure a correct and proper pattern is attached to this Star in my “Free Paper Piecing Patterns” section as soon as possible.

I am now debating whether to unpick it, start again or just call it good and move on.




28 thoughts on “The drama of Paper Piecing Monday

  1. Strewth… (note Aussie accent) it’s fine! It’s work in progress. It’s aaaaaaall good. Only the evil-minded will closely examine your beautiful stars quilt looking for slightly off seams. You note that I don’t call them mistakes. They are learning opportunities. Fix the block. Remember what you did wrong next time you design one. And by the way, it’s beautiful.

  2. What’s this starting over nonsense?! Imperfections are what makes the work perfect. Now every time you see or think of this block, (perhaps) you’ll be ever-eager to double check any future design on paper before you put yourself through the trouble of sewing those teensy strips of fabric into one (still stunning) star ;o)

  3. Love it either way. On its own it is ok to leave it, but it might show up as odd unless you make other deliberate changes on other blocks to compensate.

  4. I would never have noticed it as a mistake, unless you had pointed it out. The issue is not whether I think it’s fine, but whether you’ll be happy with it. If you will stare at it and see it as wrong then unpick it. But for what it’s worth, I think it’s gorgeous.
    E xx

  5. Did you do the stand across the room and see if it’s still noticeable thing? If it isn’t, then put it in your quilt. I would definitely not unpick. I don’t even know how you would do that. I made a mistake in the middle of a paper pieced block and tried to unpick. I stopped. I have no idea how to make that save! I just made a new block and threw the one I tried to unpick in the scrap basket. I can still cut it up and resew it into a random collage-type block some day.

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