A blue finish

This week I managed to get my sister in laws quilt finished, photographed and posted.  It took me way longer than I hoped, but I am glad it is finally on its way to sunnier climes.

Christines finished quilt

The quilt was too long to be photographed in my usual spot so I took it out to the local park and hung it on the fence around the baseball practice area.  It was a little to wet and muddy to get more creative but I liked the location change-up.

christines finished quilt 2
The blocks for the quilt were made using the “Trip Around” technique and tons and tons of blue solids.  If you are interested you can read more about the initial design process here.

quilt detail

For the quilting I was originally just going to do straight line stitching in on diagonally on the quilt in one direction.  It made the quilt feel like the water was flowing in one direction, which I loved.  I then had the brilliant idea to add ten lines of quilting diagonally opposite to the flow to represent the ten years that my sister-in-law has been married…the ten years where her path has intersected with someone else. Okay I was being really sentimental and mushy and I will stop now!

backing and binding

I backed the quilt with the perfect print from Lizzy House’s “Constellations” collection and hand bound it with a variety of dark solids.  I am hoping that Christine loves this quilt as much as I do…

38 thoughts on “A blue finish

  1. It’s great! Adding the lines of quilting in the other direction resulted in part of the quilting matching with the fence in the background. Intended or serendipity?

  2. This looks so wonderful – at first, I wasn’t a fan since blue alone isn’t high on my list of favorites, but this sure is striking! Must feel great to be finished, ‘eh?!

  3. Oh it turned out fantastic! The back is so perfect too! I think the ten lines are a great addition and will mean a lot to her–it is a very thoughtful detail

  4. What a beautiful quilt! And thanks for linking the initial designing. I’d not heard of the trip around the world technique, but I think I’ll have to try it now!

  5. The backing was an inspired choice. Beautiful job. Diagonals are my favourite kind of quilting, not only because they’re easy, but because they give such nice puffy loft without interfering with whatever colour fireworks I’ve been producing on the front.

  6. love love love this quilt, cath. i especially love the quilting. how long did that take you? she will love this gift! so glad you decided to switch up those trip along the world blocks!

  7. There is so much to love about this quilt, but I have to just marvel at the creative use of trip around the world, and the effect of doing it in the blues. (I did something similar in black and white prints years ago, but I love all the various shades of blue.) And could you have found a more perfect backing fabric? I think this quilt is stunning. I am feeling called back to my sewing machine! 😀

  8. What a beautiful quilt! You’re an artist, man. I loved every detail (especially the way you quilted it!)

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