A heartfelt Paper Piecing Monday

This week I decided to get into the Valentine spirit, despite my husband poo pooing the holiday at every turn.  He strongly feels that it is a holiday that is purely about selling cards and flowers and chocolates.  He feels just a little less negatively about Christmas and I ignore him then too!

So in honor the of the upcoming day of celebration…and to annoy my husband, I  put together a little 3 inch love heart block…

heart blockThe pattern for these darling little things can be found here….3 inch pp hearts.  The pattern sheet has six of the heart patterns on it.   After making my first heart I decided that one little heart was not enough for (1) annoying my husband and (2) making this a substantial Paper Piecing Monday, so I pulled some more fabric from my stash (the first block was done purely with scraps)….

fabric pilesand got to work making this….

heart quilt blockHopefully by the end of the week this will be a darling 18 inch cushion…which I may be allowed to put on our couch…

17 thoughts on “A heartfelt Paper Piecing Monday

  1. We have to quilt what we have to quilt! Thank you for sharing the template. With the weather the way it is definitely need some perky paper piecing project! I’ll have to dig into my scraps for some reds!

  2. I don’t think it would annoy the Husband of Chiconia, but I’d definitely get a Look. You know the kind: “what on earth am I supposed to say about this that won’t get me into trouble…?” Surely every husband in the known universe has the same attitude towards an event which is basically a chance to show appreciation, affection and esteem. In other words, ignore the hell out of it! Gorgeous little baby heartlets. I don’t think you should stop at a pillow… sorry, Mr Wombat.

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  4. I just knew coming back to your blog and looking for the “shape” I wanted would be successful. I have name tags to make for some ladies at the guild and this size is perfect! Thank you!

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