An interesting source of fabric

At Christmas my darling husband gave me a set of Munki Munki flannel pj’s.  Pajama giving at Christmas seems to be a very American tradition..but I have fully embraced it.  When I opened my Christmas package only one thing came to mind….this is going to make a wonderful quilt.

pjsFor those of you that are not familiar with the Munki Munki brand, their top designer was/is Heather Ross and collecting the pajama prints and using them for quilts is very popular amongst modern quilters.  This is of course what I tried to explain to the husband when he found me cutting up my pajama top.

Seriously how could I resist these darling gnomes…

fabric detailSo a flurry of fussy cutting ensued and my favorite “go to” block pattern, the wonky star, was employed….

star detailWhat was interesting about making the top in particular for me was that I used all flannel.  I had previously back several quilts in flannel…I love the soft finish particularly for baby quilts… but I had never pieced in it.

Munki quilt detailFor this top I used some flannel scraps a friend had given me and bought some more from my local quilt store… and I tried to use as much of the source pajama fabric as I could…including the sleeve and leg cuffs which were bright green.

green starMost of the flannel I used had a wrong and right side and it was at times tricky to tell which was which…. except for the Cloud 9 flannel which was beautifully thick and lush and was reversible.

sashing detailThe end result was this darling little baby quilt… and I love how soft and cuddly it is.

munki munki baby quilt

29 thoughts on “An interesting source of fabric

  1. This is so much FUN!! Hope you had a good time making it. I really love your blog and simply marvel at your amazing productivity. I have to think about projects for a long time to get a picture in my head. I love getting your blog. Thanks for sharing your time.

  2. LOVE what you did with your pajamas — such a cute little quilt! My husband would have thought I was crazy cutting up a perfectly good pajama top. Hope yours isn’t mad! (ha! ha!)

  3. Absolutely fabulous! I have to say that my husband would totally understand NOW if I were to cut up a pj’s that he gave me as a gift ~~ maybe not when we were first married.

  4. Love buying Christmas PJs for my family and I have a nice stock pile for this idea. I think my son would love a quilt made from all of the pjs we have had over the years. Thanks for sharing. Maria

  5. The Husband knows that flannel pjs would never get used in this climate – except perhaps in the absolute depth of winter when he’s on night shift and the bed is rather chilly. Now, if he were to give me lovely lawn ones, that would be another story, and I reckon the rotary cutter would be out in a flash! It’s a lovely, soft, cuddly quilt, and some little girl is going to be very, very happy.

  6. Over here in US Target (mass market retailer) has started selling munki munki exclusive sleepwear. It’s generally in a slinky knit fabric- so not so easy to use for quilting. Otherwise, my cute hedgehog nighty might be in pieces.

  7. Oh what a fun idea – I hope you were forgiven for cutting up the Christmas PJs! It looks like an incredibly snuggly little baby quilt, and definitely worth the sacrifice of what did look to be a pretty awesome pair of jammies!

  8. how Cute is that, and looks so cuddly, can do with it now, coldest night we had so far and had to wear the husbands warm and cuddly house coat to keep sewing, hahahahaha

  9. Adorable! But I love PJs too much to cut mine up. One of the benefits of working from home as a freelancer is that Peter Alexander clothes can be both sleepwear and workwear … um … right?

  10. This IS an adorable (and probably awfully snuggly) baby quilt! I, like you, have backed quilts with flannel but never pieced tops with it. I love your bright pink and green pop blocks! I think I would do the same as you with the pj top. Pajama bottoms are great, but I usually end up in a t-shirt instead of the “fancy” button up pajama shirt anyway. I hope your husband understood 🙂

  11. Eine tolle Idee ,eine Erinnerungsdecke .
    Ich habe auch einmal eine Hexagon Decke genäht ,aus all den Stoffen ,die ich für meine Tochter , als sie klein war ,verwendet habe .

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

  12. So what was DH reaction exactly? You didn’t really explain that. I was a bit shocked myself when I read it, but I must say! I don’t care for flannel quilts or sheets myself, but maybe for babies. I don’t like the flannel sticking to me when I roll over. :p But great quilt! 🙂

    • My DH was fine with me cutting up the PJ’s. He kind of knew that it might happen, he knows about my Heather Ross fascination. I must admit I love flannel on quilts. It is so soft and cuddly but I understand sleeping on it might be different from sleeping under it!

    • Oh I love penguins and there are not really that many great penguin fabrics out there. I am so glad you found a use for the PJ top. I also tend to use the pj pants and not the top.

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