A work in Progress…

This week I have been working away, starting new projects and desperately trying to get other projects finished.  Wednesday used to be the day that I posted Work in Progress posts but I have slipped out of that habit a bit.  Last night as I was struggling with the computer and its strange technology, I realised that Wombat Quilts is very much a work in progress…

When I took the leap to start blogging a couple of years ago I did not know what I was doing… I jumped in and started working it out as I went along.  The quilting bit was easy, the computer stuff was much much harder.  This week two things happened that reminded me I am still working this stuff out…for better and worse.

The first thing that happened was on Monday I reached 1 million views on the website.  For me this is a staggering thought… now I know some websites get that in a day but I never expected my little old quilting blog to hit that landmark.  Thanks to all of you who have stayed with me through this all…. an appropriate giveaway will be coming soon!

The next thing that happened this week was not so positive.  Facebook has forced me to migrate my Wombat Quilts profile to a Page.  Last night, with tears streaming down my face, I complied…actually I had no choice they shut my Profile down.  I am only just working out what this means, but in a nutshell I have lost two years of posts and photos and most importantly lost the ability to see what my 3000+ friends were making.  It is heartbreaking….and there is nothing I can do about it.  I will keep posting to the Facebook page but the joy of using that platform has gone (as has its effectiveness as far as I can see!)…

But in the mean time I am doing the only thing I know how… I am keeping on quilting.  I have a class coming up at Modern Domestic where I am teaching paper piecing using this great pattern ….


I have been working on making hexies for an Instagram friend, which has been a blast.  I am raided my stash for pretty fussy cut prints and have a nice little collection of basted hexagons so far….


And I have been finished up some Bee blocks and putting together charity quilt tops.  I am working away, sewing little bits of fabric together and hoping that the computer stuff does not eat me alive…

37 thoughts on “A work in Progress…

  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments! Sorry about the changes FB is forcing on you. GIve it a little time and it might not be as bad as you think. I’m sure you will figure it out.

  2. Wonderful milestones 🙂 and I can fully sympathise with you on the FB platform, I was also locked out and refused point blank to submit ID such as passport etc, they are a social media platform not a Gov agency but I wont get on my soap box grrrrrr, I fully understand your anger, frustration etc, 😦 Love the star block for the class and the mustard/gold framing it is my fav colour to work with 🙂

  3. Oh what a nightmare–I do not do facebk, instagram, or any of those (whatever they are!) things–I can barely do my blog….
    also i am computer challenged. I think your blog is set up very well and you do a great job on it. Hugs, Julierose

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your Facebook page… losing all that content and all those connections sucks. But hopefully the sting of it all will go away soon. Congratulations on a millions views- that’s awesome!

  5. Glad for success. I love to see your quilts. Everything is so beautiful. Facebook tried to force me to connect my bosses company page that I maintain to my personal page to prove it was real. I just ignored the request and eventually it allowed me to continue to post for the business. They need to figure things out before they start changing the rules.

  6. Congratulations to becoming a millionaire!!! I guess I visited your blog every week since I discovered it one and a half year ago (sometimes twice a week …) So I guess if you count not visitors but visits you are a multimillionaire!!!

      • We all keep coming back, Cath, and will continue to! Love your paper piecing patterns. That’s one of my favorite things to do. Keep up the good and beautiful work!!!!

  7. First, huge congratulations on your million views: thoroughly well deserved, and I only wish you posted daily, because I enjoy them so much. Secondly, FB: bah, humbug, evil controlling bastards. I don’t do Facebook and never will, for a multitude of reasons, but this is compelling example of why. I can’t think of a good reason why they would shut you down, except to serve some sinister purpose of their own. Thirdly, love, love, LOVE the cushion and the weeny fussy cut hexies.

  8. Well done on your success. I love reading your blog every day and love it when you share your tutorials – I have a folder just for your p.p. stars etc, even though I may never make any of them, but I love looking at them and I tell myself ‘one day soon’. I rarely leave a comment as I don’t have anything to add to the mix, but today you deserve a ‘big congratulations’ and keep up the good work 🙂

  9. I choose not to get on facebook a log time ago, just know you have a big fan here! I love your work and yours is one of the first post I read as I scroll through Bloglovin. I have made quite a few of your blocks and really enjoy paper piecing. Thanks for all your work and just don’t worry about that poopy ole Facebook!

  10. Wow and wow! The first wow is for reaching a miliom views, the second is for poopy ole Facebook. I was always so excited to see Wombat show up in my feed. I will continue to stalk, I mean follow, your blog. 😉. As for coming east, how about east and then north to Canada, Nova Scotia specifically. Keep up the great quilting, I draw a lot of inspiration from your posts. Thank you.

  11. Hi Cath! Congratulations! I’m not a fan of fb because they have locked my page, I think it is still there but I can’t use it or change anything, not even delete all the content. I’m not going to send to them any ID or other personal info. I had to open new account for my Trikimia blog – we’ll see how long that works without problems. x Teje

  12. Congrats on the one million mark! I agree with others on the freaky controlling aspect of fb. Your blog is encouraging and upbeat — I’ve been following you for a while. Thanks for all the work you do to bless your readers!

  13. Congrats AND commiserations-you handled it the best way, and that’s to “press” on (quilter joke?)! I’m sure once you’ve worked out what to do, we (your quiltdom) will do our best to fill your pages again with pictures we still may have, and many new responses and pictures to come!
    Peggy Terzian

  14. I love your blog! Congrats on your achievements and the great work you do. So sorry for the changes and disappointment with FB! I also stumble along with the technology. Stupid things get me ,like linking and putting my name on photos posted! Keep posting stuff please! You’ll work it out!

  15. Congratulations on your millions! I love what you do although I will never do pp – I’m just too dyslexic for that and I hate pulling out all that paper. Still, I can admire. As far as FB is concerned, bah, humbug. I do not have a FB account and I never will. I know I miss out on a lot of things but I just think they are too controlling and invasive. Just keep up all your beautiful work.

  16. I clicked on your fb link (on the blog links section) and you were there! The newest posts, and older ones. I stopped scrolling when I got to August of 2014 – you must have fixed it! Or they came to their senses. I’m sorry you had such struggles, and CONGRATS! on 1 million! You are wonderful and I enjoy your quilts and your blog.

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