A pretty little finish…

This week I finally finished up my hexagon flower baby quilt.  This quilt came about after a small mistake with my hexi pelt… but it is definitely lemonade and not lemons…

hexagon baby quilt

For this quilt I took the hexagon flowers I had hand pieced and attached them to a low volume back ground… if you want to know more about my process for this you can check out my original post

close up flower detail

When it came time to put this quilt together I decided to use a high loft wool batting… which gives the quilt a plush softness that I think is great for a baby quilt.

hexi quilt detail

I did not want to over quilt so I echo stiched the block lines, leaving a puff flower center.    Because the flowers were stitched onto the blocks before the quilt was quilted the flower has a raised feel to it.

hexi flower detail

Plus there is enough fussy cut goodness in it to make for a good game or two of eye spy….


Since I made my hexie mistake I have been avoiding my hexie pelt.  I have over 100+ flowers made but I have not been brave enough to attach them to my pelt.  I am hoping finishing this project up will get me over my hexagon hump… but the pelt at the moment looks like this…

hexagon quilt wip 2

18 thoughts on “A pretty little finish…

  1. What a pretty quilt! I will not show it to my 7 yr old daughter or she will ask for one, and I’m not ready to try hexies yet. Thank you for so many inspiring quilts and blocks!

  2. Hexies are my newest new thing! I have fabric cut out for 20….now I know what to do with em…if I made 5 per week, I would have a pelt in no time flat…btw I am curious why you call it a pelt…

    • I called it a pelt because when I laid it out in the floor for the first time it looked like a weirdly shaped rainbow animal skin. A little bizarre I know, but I am Australian!!!!

  3. Hexies are addictive! I am on my 3rd quilt. This time I paper pieced and kept the ctrs all white so I too can make a pelt. I was inspired by a woman making hexies that are 1″ and in silks. She works in a costume shop so all she needs is a 6″ piece of silk to go around her black centers. She blindly pieces her pelt. I can not do that just yet…Love your baby quilt!

  4. This is the cheeriest baby quilt!! And those black and white centers are perfect for a baby since they only see black and white shapes and patterns for the first three or four months or so. Love it!

  5. I’m new to your blog. Love the hexie baby quilt. What size is it? I just recently discovered EPP and have gotten a few supplies, haven’t done any yet but I’m loving the look.

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