Starry Night… the big reveal

Okay I finally managed to wrangle the Starry Night quilt top enough to get some photos. I must admit there are a few strangling pieces of paper still attached to the back…

stain glass

but I promised a reveal today so here goes…

Starry night quilt topAs you know, if you have followed this quilts progress, I did not have a plan of how to put this together.  I just went with the flow, putting pieces up on the design wall and jigsawing the blocks into a top (a technical maneuver I do not want to attempt again!).

starry night detail 4

My design wall was too small for it, so I had pieces hanging off the wall and laying on the floor….

starry night detail 2

My first step was to arrange the star blocks in a rough layout that made sure that they were as evenly distributed and as balanced as I could get them.

starry night detail 6

I carefully placed the bigger stars around the quilt making sure that the fractured stars were separated as well as the ringed stars. I wanted the eye to move around the top exploring and I felt this was the best way to do it.

Starry night detail 7

I then I placed the smaller stars in the gaps!

starry night detail 3

Finally I just filled all the spaces with scrappy blue blocks… and voila… you have a finished quilt top.  A scrappy, random, crazy quilt top.

84 thoughts on “Starry Night… the big reveal

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    • I am sorry I have not replied sooner… the paper piecing patterns for most of these stars can be found under my “Free Paper Piecing patterns” tab. As this quilt was a really crazy labor of love I did not expect anyone would want to a pattern. The background is all paper pieced blocks and the layout is not on a grid. If you really want to repeat this crazy please drop me an email and I will see what I can do to help you.

      • Thanks for getting back to me. I make custom quilts on commission. A potential customer was looking for a quilt that had the moon and sun or stars, so I was looking for pattern options. If I do need more than I can find in the tab, I will contact you. Thanks for your help.

  2. Just love this quilt…saw it on Pinterest!!! I think it is just gorgeous and would love to make one similar to it!!! Did you paper piece all of the stars and the string blocks???

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