Starry Night… the big reveal

Okay I finally managed to wrangle the Starry Night quilt top enough to get some photos. I must admit there are a few strangling pieces of paper still attached to the back…

stain glass

but I promised a reveal today so here goes…

Starry night quilt topAs you know, if you have followed this quilts progress, I did not have a plan of how to put this together.  I just went with the flow, putting pieces up on the design wall and jigsawing the blocks into a top (a technical maneuver I do not want to attempt again!).

starry night detail 4

My design wall was too small for it, so I had pieces hanging off the wall and laying on the floor….

starry night detail 2

My first step was to arrange the star blocks in a rough layout that made sure that they were as evenly distributed and as balanced as I could get them.

starry night detail 6

I carefully placed the bigger stars around the quilt making sure that the fractured stars were separated as well as the ringed stars. I wanted the eye to move around the top exploring and I felt this was the best way to do it.

Starry night detail 7

I then I placed the smaller stars in the gaps!

starry night detail 3

Finally I just filled all the spaces with scrappy blue blocks… and voila… you have a finished quilt top.  A scrappy, random, crazy quilt top.

84 thoughts on “Starry Night… the big reveal

  1. Woot woot all the way from Sweden! Love this! The sparkly deep blues, all the different stars, and the whole thing! I’ve been looking forward to seeing it down 😀

  2. I have watched this quilt develop, loving each new block along the way. I never could have imagined a quilt so beautiful. I hope you are considering entering this in some national quilt shows, as I believe it’s most definitely able to be a contender for a winning quilt. You have put so much time and effort into it, and I’m so excited you have such a wonderful finish. CDahlgren at live dot com

  3. A scrappy, marvellous, random, fabulous, serendipitous and totally beautiful quilt… Mr Wombat is right, this one should stay home. I’m totally impressed and lost in admiration for your creativity and patience with this epic!

  4. Oh it is just gorgeous! I love the movement of all the blocks and fabrics. My eyes were definitely moving around the quilt, there are so many little details to explore!

  5. Fabulous, stunning, astonishing, spectacular… I can’t think of enough adjectives to describe how awesome this quilt is! It is my new favorite quilt to look at. Beautiful!!

  6. Your Starry Night quilt is gorgeous!! I love how the bright stars pop out of the dark scrappy background. It really is beautiful. :o)

  7. I have watched the progress of your stars from the beginning and I am totally impressed by your quilt. I have three stars done from last year and none from this year. You have inspired me to get back to work. Congratulations on your beautiful layout.

  8. Well it was a long time coming but definitely worth the wait . . . this is beautiful!! Looks great with the light shining through it too. I think you should enter this in a show with a description of your process. I believe it’s ribbon worthy!

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