Joy Bell Block paper piecing style…

Last week saw the start of my new obsession… 12 inch classic blocks that use a simple square block.  This week I have been playing with another block which I have seen called Joy Bell, Salem and St Gregory’s Cross to name just a few….

joy bell quilt blockThis block is another easy one to put together.  You will need…

block componentsAll these components are 4 1/2 inches unfinished and you can find the pattern for the arrow blocks here….arrow block.  And of course the wonderful simple square, which will be in all the blocks here..WQ Simple square block.

When you have made the components the block is easy to put together, row by row.

block layout.When I was researching I found so many variations on this pattern… the simple layout above was usually called Joy Bell, and I also made a block using the layout referred to as a Salem block…

Salem quilt blockThere are so many possibilities with this block, so to help with the “playing” process I made a colouring sheet (joy bells color sheet), so that you can come up with your own combinations.  Download the sheet, grab some colour pencils and go to work…


13 thoughts on “Joy Bell Block paper piecing style…

      • I’m amazed how easy and crisp the designs come out with the paper piecing I ordered the stars book from your star quilt as I absolutely love it and really want to try some too

      • Carol Doak’s book is so fabulous. There are easy stars and crazy complex ones and the ability to mix them all up. You are going to have so much fun with it. I would love to see what you create, if you are happy to show.

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