A work in progress to change the pace…

I recently had the privilege of receiving a review copy of Cheryl Arkison’s book “A month of Sunday’s”.  The PMQG is often sent books to review and when this title was offered I jumped at it.  I loved Cheryl’s first book “Sunday Morning Quilts” which she co-authored with Amanda Jean Nyberg.

month of sundays bookThis book has a different feel and pace to it than Cheryl’s last book.  It has recipes, bag patterns, musing on life and the best chapter EVER on low volume quilting.  The chapter “Turn it Down” does a marvelous job of explaining what low volume is, how it works and how to select fabrics.  It has tips on value, scale and colour in low volume fabrics and I learnt some neat stuff.

The book’s quilting projects are all fabulously low key, low volume and fun. You are challenged to take what you have learnt about low volume and apply it to patterns. There are helpful hints about turning up the volume on the patterns too but they are all perfect for the quieter style.

Flipping through the book there was one pattern in particular that caught my eye and I knew I just had to make it…

crossword quiltSo fabric was pulled (I had a surprising number of text prints!) and then cut.  Now, after months of loud bright colours my design wall at the moment is full of scrappy low volume prints.

my wipThe wall looks so strange with the random placement but as the rows are sewn together I am seeing some magic appear.  I used more creams in my top, which gives my Crossword an old newspaper” feel I think.

wip crossword quiltI have no husband for the weekend so I am hoping to have this top finished for a reveal next week.

23 thoughts on “A work in progress to change the pace…

    • What I loved about Cheryl’s book is that she made me look at my stash differently and find low volumes all over the place. I have a quilt in the early stages that really use an astounding array of low volume fabrics that I would not have considered using before.

  1. I’m glad you like the book! And that it got your straight to sewing. Now that’s a compliment! I too used the quilting to showcase the words, so of course I think that is a great idea! And the creams are perfect.

  2. Last week I saw a house interior finished with exactly the same colors as your quilt. It caught my eye directly and I must say that a combination of soft grey, sand/cream and anthracite are my favorites at the moment. Looking forward to your progress and how you shall quilt it! Barbora

  3. Lucky you with the early book review! I really love this crossword quilt, it is so recognizable from afar, but complex to make it all appear that way. Fantastic!

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