September adventures…

So September has come and gone way to quickly…and with almost no posts from me.  I did intend to share some more of my finished quilts but instead I took a holiday and went gallivanting in Europe.


I instead of posting I unplugged and enjoyed London, Lyon and Reykjavik.   I have returned with new energy and with a new commitment to get back on track with posting on the blog.  I have been struggling with getting back into regular posting this year and I am not sure why.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a smattering of butterflies pop up in my feed while I was away and I must admit I have been slightly obsessed with Liberty fabric and making the butterflies….I have 42 finished so far…


Two of my butterflies are currently on holiday in Australia, with Ava & Neve at the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair.  The rest are up on my design wall, while I select the colours and fabric for the last 20 or  so.

I managed to bring back from London a decent stash of Liberty fabric and I am giving away a “Butterfly making Kit” on Instagram at the moment – 60 different 5 inch charm squares of Liberty fabric so you can make your own butterflies.  Pop on over and leave a comment on my photo for a chance to win.

So October is for new beginnings, new habits and new fabric.  See you tomorrow for a finished quilt reveal.

13 thoughts on “September adventures…

  1. Ooooooh…… Deep sigh of anticipated pleasure. And that is such a lovely photo of you both with one of London’s major landmarks behind you 🙂 You look very well and happy, so the trip has clearly done you good.

  2. It’s good to unplug for a bit … It looks like you had a great time away 🙂 I’ve loved watching you making these butterflies! I’m trying to blog more too … I have lots to say (he he he) but stumble at taking the photos to talk about!

  3. The kissy face photo is great! The butterflies, too. Having recently learned the going price for Liberty fabric, winning these is likely the only way I’ll get some, so I hope I do! (Since I don’t do Instagram, I hope this comment counts, too.)

  4. I tried to leave a comment on Instagram, but the comment button was grayed out and wouldn’t open. I just love your Liberty butterflies and would love to be entered in your give away. I’m new to Instagram and am not quite sure what I’m doing wrong. My username on Instagram is Jellosoup and my email is ljbisme at msn dot com. Thank you for the give away!

  5. I wish to tell you how much I anticipate your blog entries. My favorite craft blog!

    Your look/style is so special. Thanks.

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  7. I know this is an older post- but I would b very interested to know what pattern u are using for the butterflies. Thanks lauraddirks at gmail dot com

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