The silence…

Not long after I wrote my last blog post a funny thing happened… I bumped my head.  At the time it smarted and I felt a little weird but I continued on with my day.  By that evening I knew that something was not right.

I managed to hit my head in a strange place and a little harder than I thought and as a consequence I gave myself a severe concussion.  Now this was not my first head injury… many years ago I managed to knock my head about quite badly in a car accident.  My recent concussion, as a second injury, has been more severe and lasted longer.

So for the last couple of weeks I have been struggling. For 10 days I did not watch or listen to anything…. that was hard slog and very very boring.  I am still being treated under what is termed “concussion protocol”. It has taken me a couple of weeks to get my words back… it is easier for my to type than to speak, but both hurt.  It really does seem as if the universe is conspiring against my efforts to blog… just saying….

Sick of being bored and feeling decidedly better, this week I dusted off the sewing machine and I started slowly trying to get back into it.  I can not sew for too long and can not do anything to complex (my butterflies are currently on hold).  Instead I grabbed my huge pile of mini charm squares (2 1/2 inch squares) and started playing.


I found the pattern for this block on the Fat Quarter Shop site.  They have a free pattern that you can print out called Sisters Choice… and you can find it here.  Their quilt is monochromatic and uses solids but it works just as well with prints and scraps I think.

So my design wall currently looks like this…


…messy and chaotic, a little like my brain…but slowly it will get better… less chaotic… more succinct… but it will always be full of colour.

81 thoughts on “The silence…

  1. Good luck on your recovery. I am currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer the brain fog is difficult to overcome and I relate tone concentration issues as well as finding the correct word to use at times We will both appreciate our cognitive skills more once the treatment issues are resolved.

    Happy sewing

    • Brenda I hope all goes well with your treatment. It is not until you struggle to find words that you realize how important they are. Best wishes for a good outcome and speedy recovery for you.

      • I wish you well in your recovery. Your exact symptoms were those I shared due to a post surgical blood clot to the brain. Add in loss of dexterity, too. Making simple, but interesting quilts in cheerful colors is my therapy. It works! The watching tv and prolonged complicated thought remains and hurts.

      • I was fascinated by how much watching tv hurts. I can “watch” movies I have seen before and programs that do not take too much concentration – cooking shows mainly but anything else ends up giving me a headache. I have watched the original Star Wars trilogy about 5 times in the last couple of weeks lol.

  2. Sorry to hear that you bumped your head badly and had to take a time out – hope you are back to your busy self soon. Your Sister’s Choice block is very pretty.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  3. Listen to your doctors, I too have bumped my head and had concussions (darn depth perception). It will get better but be careful. Hope you have a full recovery. I found cool air seemed to help like walking in a cooler for awhile.

  4. Hi! I’m sorry to hear about your accident and hope you will be well soon! Take care of yourself and rest. Don’t try to do more than you should. x Teje

  5. Glad you are feeling better. Be very careful for the next 9 months as there is what is called a secondary concussion which can be very serious. My son does martial arts and we have learned a lot about concussions. Lucky for my son we live in Phoenix and the Barrow Neurological institute is located here.

  6. Sending you tons of healing energy and prayers for renewed health and wholeness.
    The blocks you posted today are so bright and happy and made me smile!!
    xoxo Melissa

  7. Sorry to hear what you thought wasn’t much turned into more serious, but glad you are beginning to feel a bit better. Even if it is somewhat out of boredom! Your block is beautiful! I know it makes you feel better to get something accomplished. Take care of yourself – you are the only one you have! 😉

  8. Hi! I am new to your blog but love paper piecing and colorful blocks. Actually, this is the first blog I’ve ever followed. So sorry about your accident and concussion. It did nothing to your color perception as your blocks are great! Sending you healing wishes!💗

  9. Sorry to hear about your concussion. Wish you all the best and that you can recover fast. Your block looks amazing. Can’t wait to see more of them.
    Greetings from Germany, Rike

  10. Nothing like a cognitive deficit to frustrate and depress you, I find. I hope yours will resolve completely very soon and that words and creativity will start to flow easily and happily as before. After a prolongued absence, I was relieved to see you start using Pinterest again, so I knew you were OK 🙂

  11. Follow the docs orders, we’d all rather wait for you to come back in good health than do without your inspiration! Maybe I can start to catch up on some of your great blocks while you rest & recover!!! Take care & post when you feel like it — we’ll be here!!!

  12. Take care and rest your brain!! My husband had an eye injury right after we got married and could not read or watch TV. He listened to many, many books on tape. Maybe that would be something to do!

  13. So sorry to hear about your concussion…sending prayers for a complete recovery, as well as happy thoughts as the recovery process takes place…. Our bodies sometimes take their time in healing, so just be patient…as someone else said, we’ll be here cheering you on as you take the path to full recovery!

  14. Oh my, that is no fun at all… but your design wall and blocks are proof that your creativity is still working as it should. This reminds me of my dad, a farmer, who started wearing a hard hat. People teased him but he smiled and said, “With this on, I notice now how often I bump my head.” Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  15. Brain injuries are not to be ignored. Continue to take care of yourself. It is not a requirement to blog everyday unless you are under some contract to do so. I will pray for a complete and speedy recovery.

  16. All I can say is “Ouch”, and based on my own experience, don’t go running… takes years to get over running 12 km after an undiagnosed head injury following a car accident.
    Take care of yourself.

    • Tarnish luckily enough I do not run…same car accident I got my instead head injury in also messed up my hips. But I can imagine that sort of exertion would play havoc with a bruised brain.

  17. It is the simplest things that can cause us great distress. A couple of years ago I fell getting out of my bathtub (still don’t know how I accomplished that) and managed to hit my head on the corner of my vanity. I laid on the floor for some time trying to give myself time to see how I was feeling. After some time on the floor I reasoned I was feeling just fine and went on with my day.

    I will never know if I caused any undiagnosed injuries that will cause me some trouble later on in life because I never went to the hospital. With all of the concussion stuff in the news lately, take the time you need to heal properly. Everything else will be there waiting for you.

    Wishing you complete healing.

  18. I had a TIA on Sunday night. I understand. Nothing like getting back to the sewing room and doing something you love to lift the spirits

  19. Ouch! Please get lots of rest. As you know by now, concussions are not good and 2 are worse. Take care and take your time. I love your blog but, we can wait(I love this block too) . Be kind to yourself and I hope you feel completely well soon. By the way, that padded helmet might be a good idea😊

    • The determination is actually boredom. I am really really bad at doing nothing…just ask my darling husband who threatened a couple of weeks ago to take time off work just so he could make sure I did nothing!

    • June it was a silly thing, I was reaching for something in a confined space and stood up too soon. So I will be more careful in the future but i am sure I will do something equally as silly in the future…I know me too well.

  20. wow–so sorry to hear of this!!! knocks on the head are very serious. I hope that as each day that passes you feel better and more like yourself. Sewing is therapy–so try to do a little each day.

  21. Sorry to hear about your concussion – take your time to recover (as boring as that will be).
    I love your blog but I want you to be in good health too!

  22. Oh no! You might be interested in a “game” developed by Jane McGonigal that was prompted by her own severe concussion. I haven’t a clue how you would find it. She may have a book out on it as well.
    Heal well and as rapidly as possible.

  23. Oh dear, take care. My sister hit her head on a bench at work and nearly died, still under Drs after four years, she is doing well but can no longer add up and can’t stand crowds. Our bodies are amazing. Sending hugs xx

  24. So sorry to hear about your injury! 😦 I hope your recovery goes well – you are missed. My hubby has recently developed migraines that have stroke-like symptoms, so everytime he has a migraine now, he has trouble with speech, loses strength on his left side, etc. It’s made life…interesting. Just have to keep going, taking what comes and looking for the silver lining!

  25. I remember that boredom, after surgery on my c-spine. It helped to get some kind of stitching, simple though it was, into my hands. Be gentle with your body, take the time to heal. I so enjoy your posts, whenever you get around to them.

  26. Heal well and look after yourself. It is all too frustrating when you can’t do all of those things you are used to, and yes boring too, but ease back in slowly and don’t push too hard. Give yourself the time to make a full recovery.

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