More improv…

So this week’s quilt uses a technique similar to last weeks but gets a very different looking quilt… which I love.

Like last week this quilt uses a foundation, this time a navy blue 5 inch square, and uses scrap strips…. but this time I used just warm solids and a band of white.

Also this block’s component adds fabric to two opposite sides of the foundation…last weeks only added fabric to one side of the foundation. The result is a tighter collection of diamonds on the quilt and the navy foundation feels more like sashing.

As you can tell I used a variety of different shades of blue for the foundations…mainly because I was using up scraps… but I love how the variety gives the quilt some depth and interest.

The backing of this quilt was one of my favorite sheet – a London themed Whim sheet. I have been using sheets for a few years to back quilts and love Martha Stewarts “Whim” line that Macy’s stocks. I actually bought two of the London sets and are hoarding the last of it for a special quilt that I have planned.

This quilt has also already headed out to Dornbecher PICU… I will eventually catch up and be showing quilts before they head out into the world, I promise!

The pinkies will, of course, have the final word…..

Quilt Details:

Blocks: Improv diamond using 5 inch foundation

Fabric: Variety of Kona solid scraps

Size: 54 x 63 inches

10 thoughts on “More improv…

  1. I’m glad you’re posting more often again. I love your quilts and find them inspiring. At the moment, my quilting is rather like my cooking: I buy expensive ingredients and try not to mess them up. Liberty lawn and very expensive fresh fish. (Not consumed together.)

  2. I really liked the quilt last week a lot, but I must say I love, love, love this one!! Blue is my favorite color and this quilt just speaks to me!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  3. Cath!! your quilt is beautiful. The dark blue and the bright corners are striking and so lovely
    I love this!!
    Well done. You are so inspiring!!

  4. Piękna kołdra. Cieszę się, że się Pani znowu odzywa, niepokoiłam się trochę, kiedy tak długo nie było żadnych nowych wiadomości. Pozdrowienia!

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