Another old quilt share….

As I have been going through all my old photos it has been interesting to see what I remembered to share and what I completely forgot about…. this weeks quilt is one I love and it was really fun to make, so I am not sure why I did not share it sooner….

The block is a really simple improv block, using a 5 inch white square as a starting foundation and then different strips of different solid strips of fabric to one corner of the foundation square…. four of these foundation blocks are then sewn together to make a 9 1/2 inch (unfinished) block.

This quilt was made as part of the PMQG Charity Sew Days we used to hold at Modern Domestic… so the blocks for this quilt were made an army of different people which adds to the improv fun….and of course it has already winged its way to someone through Dornbechers’ Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

It was a great way to use up the tons of solid scraps I had gathered over the years… but as usual I swear we ended up with more fabric at the end of the day than what we started with…

When I was pulling the scraps to be used in this project I made sure that I had scraps of every colors and that I had a good variety of lights and darks. The contrast that the different values of the fabric have give this quilt its sparkle I think.

For the back of the quilt I used the last little piece of a treasured IKEA fabric I had been hoarding for years… I regret not buying yards and yards of that house fabric when I had a chance.

And of course it would not be a Wombat quilt without the pinkies… this time I opted for a closeup so you can really see Mr Wombat’s pinkie form. He practices that pose regularly… he takes his quilt holding duties very seriously.


Block: 10 inch improv kite block

Fabric: Selection of Kona solids

Quilt size: 60 inches x 60 inches

16 thoughts on “Another old quilt share….

  1. Love the quilt and those improv blocks! You always manage to find backdrops that coordinate with your quilts, and of course, the pinkie version is the best! The backing is such fun, and that house fabric is so cool! I never find fun fabric like that at our IKEA. Great finish!

    • IKEA used to do the best backing fabric but stopped making good stuff a few years ago it is now all drill cotton which does not really work for quilt backs really. I still have a few bits and pieces of IKEA light weight cotton but really am sad they do not do it anymore – mainly because it was usually 54 inches wide which is perfect for kids quilts.

  2. Such a fun colorful quilt. I think this would be a great project for my daughter, granddaughters and me to do together. That should bust the scrap bin!

    • I miss my real life quilting friends so much. I was thinking of you last week when I was using my wonderful wool mat for the millionth time. It is the best quilting present I have every been given. Thank you.

  3. The Husband was passing behind me and caught sight of that last shot on my laptop screen. He said “Oh, say Hi to Mr Wombat for me”. The Pinkie-Hold has officially become iconic…

    • We were also thinking of you guys…We were meant to be back in Australia this week for my Dads 80th. It has always been such a pleasure catching up with you when we are home and we are sad it might be a while before we get to visit again.

      • And of course, you’ve missed the yacht racing… It’s my 60th next year, and at this rate, I won’t be able to celebrate it with my sister and friends in NSW. Let’s promise each other we’ll make a point of catching up when the madness is over.

  4. Awesome quilt! I am missing sewing days even though we never had those – even before covid 😉 If I lived by closer, I would come join you – your blocks and quilts are always so fun.

  5. Vos courtepointes sont merveilleuses ! J’ai passé des heures nombreuses à tout regarder sur votre site, c’était un grand plaisir.
    Désolée d’écrire en français mais je ne suis pas assez confiante pour l’anglais.

  6. I’m hoping this improv square quilt will be a reasonable one for an experienced sewer, beginner quilter. However, I was hoping to sale up for a bed-sized quilt. Would you suggest scaling up the size of the squares just making many more.? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

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