September adventures…

So September has come and gone way to quickly…and with almost no posts from me.  I did intend to share some more of my finished quilts but instead I took a holiday and went gallivanting in Europe.


I instead of posting I unplugged and enjoyed London, Lyon and Reykjavik.   I have returned with new energy and with a new commitment to get back on track with posting on the blog.  I have been struggling with getting back into regular posting this year and I am not sure why.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a smattering of butterflies pop up in my feed while I was away and I must admit I have been slightly obsessed with Liberty fabric and making the butterflies….I have 42 finished so far…


Two of my butterflies are currently on holiday in Australia, with Ava & Neve at the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair.  The rest are up on my design wall, while I select the colours and fabric for the last 20 or  so.

I managed to bring back from London a decent stash of Liberty fabric and I am giving away a “Butterfly making Kit” on Instagram at the moment – 60 different 5 inch charm squares of Liberty fabric so you can make your own butterflies.  Pop on over and leave a comment on my photo for a chance to win.

So October is for new beginnings, new habits and new fabric.  See you tomorrow for a finished quilt reveal.

A funny thing happened Saturday…

..and when I say funny, I am being very sarcastic…  yesterday I discovered that a Instagram account had used one of my photos from this site on their page without crediting me.

Now I am sure this happens a bit but what made me really miffed is the fact that they watermarked the image with their name… and I found out about it from copy of the image that had been shared by someone (again with no credit back to the original image source).

instagram photo

So after seeking advice from my Instagram family I have reached out to the party involved  to get them to either credit me or remove the photo.

You will now find a copyright banner on my sidebar…and I recommend if you have not already done it, you should add one.   After some research I found that the copyright notice will help if you have to pursue an issue through the Courts…also it is easy to do, costs nothing and can be a deterrent to plagiarism or image theft.

I usually also watermark my photos but have not been watermarking the PMQG Charity quilts because they are not all my work and it felt wrong.  The photo however is all mine… that is my back fence for sure…so in future I will watermark the photo to protect them but will credit the amazing people involved in making these wonderful quilts.

Please learn from this lesson and (1) watermark you work; (2) put up a copyright notice and (3) be diligent – if you see work being claimed by someone who you know did not make it say something.

This is the end of the community service announcement.  Regular programming will return next week with a showcase of some of the PMQG Charity quilts from the last couple of months.

Peer Pressure

From my last post you may have gathered that I am spending a lot of my Summer teaching kids how to sew.  It is a great job but last week, as I was teaching a class on sewing doll clothes, it was pointed out to me that they were the only clothes that I make.

Now I make a mean American Girl doll outfit….


But as I stood in the store with my fellow workmates I realised that every one of them was wearing clothing they had made for themselves.  All of a sudden I felt the pressure to make something other than tiny little outfits.  And so my Washi dress obsession started…

patternI had had a copy of the pattern for over a year and had heard great things about how it fits more voluptuous women….but I had not been brave enough to try it, until last week.  I got my pattern at my local quilt store Modern Domestic (and they still stock the pattern) but you can also download the pattern at the Made by Rae website

After making a “muslin” test run, using a RJR solid in navy, I was in love.  I then proceeded to make three more Washi dresses, getting fancier each time.

washi dressThis is the second Washi I made using Lecien’s Flower Sugar fabric.  I love this dress, it is so fun and playful and I love the dot lining I used.

washi liningAfter making my first dress I decided to line the bodice and not just interface it.   There is a great series of video tutorials  that take you through lining your dress step by step.

double gauze washi dressFor my next Washi I used a Kokka double gauze which is heavenly.  I loved how this soft fabric drapes with this pattern… I have actually made two double gauze Washi… the one photographed and the one that I am wearing while typing this…

pattern pieces


So the question now is how many Washi dresses are too many?  I may have to reclaim my design wall for quilting…but not until I have finished the denim Washi I have cut out…


Liberty Love…

I have to admit I have become a little obsessed with Liberty of London fabric.  I have been getting a monthly bundle of Liberty from Ava & Neve and every time I get a new package I get excited all over again to use them to make something beautiful. (I extra love that though Ava & Neve are based in my home town of Brisbane but they ship to the US for no extra cost).

Liberty fabric

I have become bundle addicted and I stalk the post box at the end of each month waiting for the next hit… it is such a great way to get a good stash of Liberty lawn without to much expenditure… and I have also become obsessed with using as much of the fabric as I can, resorting to saving little tiny pieces that with quilting cotton I would usually throw out.

This week my Liberty obsession manifested itself in the form of a hexi pillow…


This lovely pillow used 75 different one inch hexagons of Liberty on a background of Essex Linen…

pillow detail 2

I used Nicole at Modern Handcrafts modern hexagon tutorial to make the pillow.  This tutorial is fabulous and I love the easy at which the hexagons are attached… there is no hand sewing the suckers together, just glue.. lots and lots of glue.


The pattern also allows you to play with how you layout the hexagons.  I choose to taper my hexies off at the edges of the pillow…


I so loved this pillow that I have started another Liberty pillow… so stay tuned for next weeks installment of “Cath’s Liberty Obsession”.

Spring is in the air…

Today I am sharing another PMQG charity quilt… and although this one is from our Charity Sew Day in September last year, it seems seasonal appropriate to share it now…

flower garden quilt copy

I call this the Flower Garden quilt, and it is made up of a piece of just about every floral fabric every donated to the Charity program…as well as a few from my scrap bin…

flower garden quilt detail

The floral squares are in three sizes, all of which work nicely together… 8 inches, 3 inches and 5 1/2 inches unfinished.

flower garden quilt detail 2

Each quilt block that was made was 15 1/2 inches unfinished… allowing each sewer to put together what ever combination of blocks they wanted too to get to the allotted size.

flower garden quilt detail 3

The left over blocks were sewn together to make part of the quilt backing….

flower garden quilt back

As with nearly all the Guild charity quilts, one of our talents long armers weaved their magic to finish things up…

flower garden quilting detail

Jolene chose an all over vine pattern, which works beautifully with the floral theme of the quilt….and viola we have another wonderful finished quilt ready to go out into the world and do some good.

As always thanks to the wonderful Guild members who donated their time, fabric and skills….