Peer Pressure

From my last post you may have gathered that I am spending a lot of my Summer teaching kids how to sew.  It is a great job but last week, as I was teaching a class on sewing doll clothes, it was pointed out to me that they were the only clothes that I make.

Now I make a mean American Girl doll outfit….


But as I stood in the store with my fellow workmates I realised that every one of them was wearing clothing they had made for themselves.  All of a sudden I felt the pressure to make something other than tiny little outfits.  And so my Washi dress obsession started…

patternI had had a copy of the pattern for over a year and had heard great things about how it fits more voluptuous women….but I had not been brave enough to try it, until last week.  I got my pattern at my local quilt store Modern Domestic (and they still stock the pattern) but you can also download the pattern at the Made by Rae website

After making a “muslin” test run, using a RJR solid in navy, I was in love.  I then proceeded to make three more Washi dresses, getting fancier each time.

washi dressThis is the second Washi I made using Lecien’s Flower Sugar fabric.  I love this dress, it is so fun and playful and I love the dot lining I used.

washi liningAfter making my first dress I decided to line the bodice and not just interface it.   There is a great series of video tutorials  that take you through lining your dress step by step.

double gauze washi dressFor my next Washi I used a Kokka double gauze which is heavenly.  I loved how this soft fabric drapes with this pattern… I have actually made two double gauze Washi… the one photographed and the one that I am wearing while typing this…

pattern pieces


So the question now is how many Washi dresses are too many?  I may have to reclaim my design wall for quilting…but not until I have finished the denim Washi I have cut out…


24 thoughts on “Peer Pressure

  1. How about at least 1 long version and one dressy version for special occasions? It looks like a pattern I would love, too.

    • Vickie I will amend my post to list where you can get the pattern. I bought mine at my local quilt store but you can also get a downloadable copy from the Made byRae website.

  2. This is a great dress! There are so many fabrics to choose from…where to start? Since I started quilting, I have done very little garment sewing. You’ve given me inspiration to start sewing a few things just for me!

  3. I’ve been eyeing that pattern and the expansion pack for some time, feeling a bit dubious about whether it would suit my waistless shape, but you’ve reassured me and I’ll probably end up buying it. I like the version with a collar. I have another dress pattern I keep turning out again and again because it’s so comfortable, and I’ve made my own adjustments. There’s also small pile of garments cut out and waiting to be assembled, sitting on the rack under my ironing board and a bag of dress fabric from the EOFY sales. Soon….

  4. I’ve had this pattern for a while but I’m totally intimidated at the idea of making something I could actually wear. You’re inspiring me though!

  5. Did you use the elastic thread or casing for elastic? I was going to make one but when I did a test with elastic thread, I could not get it to work on my Juki. Seems like everyone in my MQG made at least one since being in Ann Arbor they know Rae.

  6. I love your fabric choices. I would happily wear those prints.
    I used to make heaps of clothes but rarely do these days. Perhaps one day I will start again. The last clothing item I sewed was a new slip for my dress for my stepdaughter’s wedding last year.
    Maybe a Washi dress is not for me, however. Do they also suit non-voluptuous women with chests as pitifully flat as ironing boards? 🙂

  7. I have the pattern and the fabric, but it keeps seeming so daunting. Thank you for the inspiration! Hopefully I will put it to use. 🙂

  8. You are on a roll! All of them are gorgeous – I can see why you would be living in them. I have neither the pattern nor the fabric but seeing yours might change all of that :).

  9. You will need to show the dress on you….would need to make a lot of adjustments to fit me! They look great! Like the doll clothes too!

  10. I have admired this dress for a long time, but as a larger girl myself, I have always been intimidated by sewing my own clothes. My biggest problem- my boobs get huge before the rest of me does. In larger sizes, is this pattern accommodating in the bust?

    • I have the same issue as you do and the pattern fits me nicely. There is also a number of videos and on line posts about enlarging the pattern to fit a more ample bust. It really is a voluptuous girls friend.

  11. I have made a maxi length one, and Rae’s instructions on how to do it were great! I too like the fully lined bodice instead of the facing. For the maxi I used a Rayon Challis from Girl Charlee.

  12. these are lovely… you know what I want to see though? A Liberty washi! Wouldn’t that just be the BEST?????

    I also love hoarding Liberty fabrics (I know that is a thing with you as well) and there is just nothing like it. Yes, it is expensive but to me it is like Lindt balls or M&Ms. Yes, M&Ms are nice and everything but sometimes you think, if I am going to consume a lot of calories ANYWAY, isn’t it nice to inject a bit of luxury…?

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