Triangles on a Roll Lawn Quilt

At the beginning of the year I started making a lawn quilt using a selection of Cotton & Steel lawns.  I had not made a quilt out of this soft delicate cotton fabric before but had been become fascinated with using it after starting my Liberty adventures.   When I got my hands on some yards and half yards of some Cotton & Steels prints I started playing…

C&S lawn quilt

To make this quilt I used some Triangles on a roll... which was another new experience for me.  I managed to get my hands on some rolls of this fun way to paper piece while I was at Quilt Con…

triangles on a roll 2

These paper rolls allow you easily make a continuous line of flying geese with no joins.  Triangles on a Roll also use a pretty waste free method, which I love.

traingles on a roll 3

You are also not having to flip the pattern to look at the reverse side (as you do with other patterns) because the marks for aligning your pieces are printed on the front of the pattern….which is genius.

quilt detailSo for my quilt I did three rows of 14 geese and I made sure that one of the geese in each row was a made from an alternative colour way of my geese fabric.

optical illusion

When I started this project I did not have a grand plan… I just wanted to play with Lawn and see how it quilted up plus I wanted to play with the triangle on a roll.

flying geese detail

There is a fun optical illusion with this quilt that I did not plan for but which I kind of like.  But more than anything I love how soft this quilt is.  The quilt is headed to the local PICU, and I know it is going to be of extra cuddly comfort to some kid.


I also know that I will be using lawn again to quilt with as it is just so soft and I am already planning my next Triangle on a roll project.  I love this way of paper piecing….

10 thoughts on “Triangles on a Roll Lawn Quilt

  1. I love how the background print seems to swirl behind the geese, contrasting visually with the very ordered arrangement of the pattern above and below. I think this must be a very soft and gorgeous quilt…

  2. A lovely quilt! I had no idea that “Triangles on a Roll” existed. I have been making my own out of graph paper for years, it really makes geese making a breeze.

  3. you are so very generous… I’d have a hard time letting go of that one. I have heard of triangles on a roll but that is the first time I have seen them, they look pretty slick !

  4. Beautiful! Besides the soft fabric, the colors are soft together too.
    I have to say, when I first read “lawn quilt”… I work for a landscaping company and I was picturing a quilt that was, well a “picture” of grass! LOL

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