8 inch stars… a new paper piecing adventure

Welcomes to the launch of another Paper Piecing Monday adventure.  After a little break I found myself back making paper pieced stars… surprise!  This time I am focusing on simpler 8 inch stars. First up is…

Twisting Star block

….a fun, simple fun 8 inch twisting star.  I love the four piece structure for this block… it is easy to make and align the pieces and the pattern only uses 28 pieces of fabric!…

twisting star block pieces

I will be revisiting this type of star again I am sure… but to start you can find the free pattern here (with numbered pieces I promise) …Twisting Star block.

Just for fun I also made one of my previous 8 inch stars…

free paper pieced pattern

I did this pattern as part of my Starry Night quilt and I thought it was good one to play with in this colour scheme too.  The pattern can be found here…WQ Starry Night Block 1.

I am currently playing with a couple of new star designs and having a blast.  More next week…

12 thoughts on “8 inch stars… a new paper piecing adventure

  1. The twisted star pattern uses “only” 28 pieces of fabric?! I know they’re not big pieces, but my stash isn’t big enough to get the wonderful effects you do with the various shades of colour. You make beautiful quilts.

  2. After spending Saturday paper piecing for our modern guild’s QuiltCon quilt I can really appreciate all the work you put into these blocks and all those little pieces.

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