It was a Do Good kind of week…

This week I managed to finish up one of the Do Good Stitches quilt tops I have in progress.  This quilt started with this wonderful block….

scrappy quilt block

I found the paper piecing pattern at Freshly Pieced and fell in love.  I set it as my block for August and then watched with delight as my fellow Hope Circle members sent in their blocks.    A little bit of sewing and voila a quilt top was created…

scrap quilt top

I loved the subtle variations in colour that were added by other members.  The deep orange adds such a pop and the soft quiet yellow gives the eye a resting place.

Resizing blocks

You may also have noticed some fun little sashing on the top.  I love this touch, but it was not planned.  When I set this block, I forgot that several of our Circle’s member had not done paper piecing before… and I had forgotten to give instructions on downloading the paper piecing pattern.

You see if you print a PDF straight from the website it prints out slightly smaller than standard.  You need to download the PDF to your desktop/computer and then print from the download to get accurate sizing. Arkansa quilt detail 2

Also if you select the print dialogue box “print to fit” when you send the document to print it will also print out slightly smaller than needed.  In the end the best thing to do is measure your pattern before you start sewing it, to make sure it is the correct size.

Arkansa Quilt detail

The four blocks that were slightly under size got a special border which added a wonderful pop of colour to the top.

So many times in my creative life I find little mistakes or hiccups make me think more creatively…make me rethink my original vision…force me to think outside the box.   The end results have always be so much better than my original plan.  This has been true with my painting, my film making and my quilting.

I am also linking up with Finish It up Friday over at  Crazy Mom Quilts.

29 thoughts on “It was a Do Good kind of week…

  1. I love it when a group project ends up looking like it was planned from the beginning. Of course the setting has something to do with that–you made good use of the varied values. Love the solution to the size problem! Creative necessity at work.

  2. I really love this block and the secondary pattern that shows up. Did you suggest fabrics or did so many dotted pieces show up by chance or do your group members just know you love dots? Very interesting!

  3. It’s a gorgeous colour combination, and you’re right, that narrow sashing really lifts the whole quilt. I’ll have to remember the tip about printing from the download, not the website…

  4. I think this counts as thinking inside the box — the bright orange box, to be exact. You’ve come up with an excellent solution to the size consistency issue. It’s always a nuisance that my printing default is to fit to page. I have to be very careful to check and make sure it’s not shrinking my block behind my back.

  5. You are so clever! I LOVE the sashing around the smaller blocks!
    That said, I’m sorry that I’m a delinquent. Thanks for the tips on how to print them out for the future so that I don’t create the same problem the next time . . . 🙂

  6. It’s so interesting looking at the different blocks once put together and seeing each person’s interpretation of the colors/instructions and all the variations of color.

  7. I thought the sashing was deliberate. Well done to the beginners for trying a block that many might find challenging. I have never had a printing problem and now I know why. I will keep that advice in mind!

  8. Looks fabulous! I love it!!

    I’m almost done with the icky thump quilt. I loved yours so much that I had to give it a go. I loved the grays and teals you used in yours. I went with neutrals teals, greens and blues.

  9. Thanks Cath – I just realised why your spiderweb-blog is steasing me!
    I haven’t printed the paper at the same time, and most likely not the same way! I love the grey/yellow/orange combination, and the added orange border is just a twist, it blows a little life into the quilt……….

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