Liberty Butterflies

It has been a while since I have done a Paper Piecing Monday post, as I have not been doing as much paper piecing lately…. but this week I started a fun little project…. Liberty Butterflies.

butterfly block 2

Everyday I am making one butterfly, just to so I am keeping my paper piecing skills sharp!

butterfly block 1

The pattern I am using for these darling 5 inch butterflies is a free one from Lillyella… and you can find the pattern for all three of Nicole’s butterflies here...

butterfly block detail

These blocks are a great way to use up some of my little scraps of Liberty… it does not take too much fabric to make a butterfly.

butterfly quilt block detail

I am not sure what I will do with these when I am done but I am sure I can come up with some way to use them all.  You will find the latest butterflies in my Instagram feed if you want to track the projects progress…. now I am off to make today’s butterfly…


20 thoughts on “Liberty Butterflies

  1. Thank you for making these patterns available. I love the precision of foundation piecing but don’t have many patterns.

  2. I have a question regarding Liberty fabric. A friend was in England recently and brought me three lovely pieces of fabric. I suspect they may be Liberty prints, but there are no selvage markings to confirm it. Is there any other way to know? I believe they are fat quarters. Thanks!

    • There is no marked selvages on Liberty. Liberty lawn is soft and thin cotton, it has a special feel. There are also patterns that are uniquely Liberty which is a good way to also identify the fabric.

      • Thank you! Is there a good resource to see the patterns? I’m pretty sure these three are Liberty prints based on what you are telling me. I can’t decide whether I should do something with them, or just pull them out every now and again and swoon. 🙂

  3. Pretty! As Claire said, something will come to you. I *definitely need* a Liberty butterfly quilt, for example, or my life will be empty and meaningless. Hint, hint. Seriously, though, too pretty to give away, make yourself a gorgeous lap quilt, and bind it with more Liberty scrappy binding.

      • NO WAY!!! I can’t possibly… yes I can, but my goodness, how fabulously kind of you. What can I make you in return? Please think of something, otherwise I’ll feel really bad. So, so pretty…. And when are you back for a visit next? I need to make sure we’re around and have time off to come down to Brisvegas to see you.

  4. I have a question about using scraps of solid fabric as you have here with the white. How do you know which is the “right” and “wrong” side of the fabric? Does it even really matter?

    • With solid fabric it does not matter. With the Liberty the wrong side of the fabric is a little duller…you can tell which is the printed side. With most quilting cottons it is the same, you can tell but the intensity of the print. Batiks tend to be double sided prints. Hope that helps.

  5. The fabric you have chosen reminds me so much of the type fabrics my dear mother used when making dresses. Thank you for giving me an idea how to use scraps she passed on to me before she passed. A collection of butterflies seems to be perfect as a memory quilt.

  6. What size did the finished butterfly quilt end up? I’ve seen it on instagram and no matter what size it should have been hard!

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