Yipee a finish…

This summer has been a little crazy, but in amongst it all I have managed to finish up some quilts including this fun one…

postage stamp quilt

This is my second postage stamp quilt using Rita from Red Pepper Quilts technique.  It is really an easy way to get all these little 1 1/2 inch squares sewn together.  To make it easier on myself, every time I cut out a quilt or have some scraps I will cut a 2 x 7 inch strip and put it in a shoe box.  Over the course of a couple of months that shoe box fills up.

postage stamp quilt detail

When you are working this small I do not worry about fussy cutting but focus mainly on colour….making sure I have some darks and lights as well as lots of white in my prints…  That said you can still play a great game of I Spy with this quilt…

quilt detail

I did have some fun with the quilting on this piece.  For the first time I used one a quilting template…


I have picked up a couple of these things over the years but never ever used them before… for this quilt I picked a waved pattern and using my trust Frixon bravely drew all over the quilt top.

quilt detail 2

Now my quilting is not perfect but it was a fun exercise.  More than anything it was good for practicing this circular technique which is used a bit in free motion.  It is going to take a bit more practice before I am even remotely proficient but it was a fun exercise.  I even got to bust out my Bernina stitch regulator…

quilting detail

Do not look to closely because even with a drawn line my quilting is very wonky… but from a distance it all looks fine…


For the back of the quilt I found a lovely Alexander Henry print in my stash that worked perfectly…

quilt back detail

Some solid Kona navy binding and a label and this beauty is ready to head off into the world… hopefully it will bring a smile to some kids face.

My scrap shoe box is already half full (after a busy scrap cutting session last week) so there will be another one of these in my future I am sure.

20 thoughts on “Yipee a finish…

  1. The color in this quilt is glorious and the backing is perfect. I admire your free motion quilting. I’m working on it but find it quite challenging.

  2. How do you get rid of the ink from the pens after you are finished quilting it? I have tried disappearing pen, they disappear before I get finished, heat markers keep showing after a while. some markers wash out but not always.

    I am amazed at the small squares, you rock.

  3. This quilt is exactly the sort of bright, cheerful quilty goodness I love. As for the quilting? We all have to start at the beginning, keep practicing and you’ll be there in no time.

  4. Fabulous! My postage stamp blocks are slowly being assembled into a sashed quilt, it’s been my scrappy project for ages, and now I finally have enough. I use a different process to give me accurate squares, but the net result is the same. Your scraps are so wonderfully bright and vivid, and that backing is completely perfect! Great finish!

  5. Oh that’s a fabulous finish, and what a lovely backing too, it really compliments the front without being overwhelmed by it!

  6. I’ve been seeing a ton of posts from quilters about the Frixon in reappearing if the quilt gets cold-then you have to iron it again to get rid of the marks. I have been using these pens a LOT, so I need to make a test sample and see how bad it gets. lol

  7. Lovely postage stamps quilt. Great colors. Love your posts.

    This might be before your time, but long ago there was a button tree lane pattern making the rounds. (I am 55), Usually it was done in homespun. I did one in ethnic and brighter fabric. My mom (now 75) ended up doing most of it. Lots of applique and buttons. She put about 100 buttons per tree. Really fabulous quilt.

    (I tried to get your email (sidebar) to work, but had no luck. I can send you pictures.)

    I am writing to say that I would like to make another one, but have no desire to go the applique route. Neither does my mother.

    I saw your house 1 and house 2 free paper piecing patterns. It occurred to me that would be a very good way to make a lot of houses.

    I am writing to see if you would consider more house patterns. The same scale. Different style houses. So they could be on streets of the same town.

  8. It is amazing to me how using entirely different fabrics you can obtain the same general look. My “postage stamp” is actually 2″ finished and I put it together as Rita showed. This quilt sits on my sofa, love to cuddle into it on a cold day and catch a flash of a favorite fabric. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a use for all those scraps.

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