How do you solve a problem like….

Scraps…bits of left over fabrics?  As you can tell from my blocks and quilts I fully embrace scraps and scrap quilting.  I revel in fat quarters and 1/8th yard cuts…but sometimes it all gets a little too much.

I hit critical point about two weeks ago when I could not find a fat quarter of fabric, that I knew I had.  My scrap bins were over flowing and my fabric had invaded every room in the house.  This was the trigger point to start trying to get things under control…and my first step was to grab all the little bits and pieces of solid fabrics I had to try and wrangle them into a manageable form.

solid fabric scrapsI ironed them and then set about cutting the pieces into squares….

my block sizesI settled on 3, 4 and 5 inch squares.  For each scrap piece I start cutting 5 inch squares (if the piece is big enough) and cut as many as I can from the scrap.  I then cut what is left into either 3 or 4 inch squares.    At the end of my first round of cutting I had this nice stash of 5 inch squares…

my 5 inch block collectionThe little strips and bits I have left over I would usually just throw but I have been bagging them up and keeping them for another project that I am working.

small scrapsI selected the size of my blocks after much consideration.  I chose 5 inch blocks because I use this size regularly, particularly when I am doing quick wonky star quilts.  The 4 inch blocks I find handy for making half square triangles and the 3 inch blocks are a size that is called for all the time when making Bee blocks.

After all my good cutting work I put some of the 3 inch squares to use to make my husband this….

creeper pillowYep I made him a Creeper pillow.    I used Slightly Off Quilter’s free quilt pattern for this pillow… LINK.  This is actually the first in a series of Minecraft** pillows I will be making for my darling husband…all using the 3 inch solid fabric squares.

pillow detail The pillow finishes at 20 inches square and I used a cheap and cheerful IKEA pillow form.  I did use a high loft batting (extra plush) to quilt the top, to make up for the less puff pillow form.

Now it is back to ironing and cutting and cleaning.  I need to get some sort of order restored to the house… if you need me I will be in the spare room tackling my other scraps…

** Minecraft is a computer game that involves exploring, mining,  gathering resources, crafting, and combat. There are no goals as such and players are free to explore the world and do what they want.