Dresden Plate challenge – wip Wednesday

This week I decided to challenge myself, and try to make a block I had never done before – the Dresden Plate. I was so inspired by Susan at The Bored Zombie’s Dresden plate quilt, that I had to give it a go.   So I bought a Dresden plate template (I went with EZ Quiltings) and pulled some fabric.

1930 quilting fabric

I decided to raid my stash of 1930’s fabric which has been sitting under my bed, untouched, for years.  There is something about the Dresden pattern that just called out to be made in vintage style fabrics.   I was actually shocked at how much of this fabric I had accumulated over the years – what is shown above is about 1/15th of my stash. I went through a period many year ago of making baby quilts out of this fun fabric ( I was partial to the Aunt Grace and Storybook lines).


With the fabric cut, I found the rest of the process really easy.  I sewed the top of the cut pieces together using chain stitching.

string sewing

Snipped the corner, turned it inside out and I was ready to go.  I was so surprised how quickly I could get the pieces and block done.  I thought it would take me hours to finish a block but it was really quick.

Then came the hard part. Having finished most of the block pieces I realized I wanted to make the block feel a little more modern.  I started playing with what to back the block with and here are my top  choices…

1.  Hatched block back

1. Hatched block back

2.  Scrappy white back

2. Scrappy white back

3.  Red & white dot back

3. Red & white dot back

4.  Black & white dot back

4. Black & white dot back

5.  Navy blue back

5. Navy blue back

6. Grey linen print back

7.  Red solid back

7. Red solid back

HELP!  I can make a case for each of these fabrics and I am feeling a little overwhelmed.  Please let me know which back you like best.

All selections, suggestions, advice, feedback, comments and support gratefully accepted.