A mini finished Friday

This week I finished up my two doll quilts for the Oregon Ballet Theater fundraiser that the Portland Modern Quilt Guild organized.. and broke my digital SLR.  So for today’s post you get the joy of seeing my doll quilts through the lens of my iPhone.  I apologize in advance…

pink yellow star doll quilt

For both quilts I used my stash of 3 inch squares but backed and quilted each one differently.  For the challenge we were give some minky plush fabric, which I used for backing this yellow and pink quilt.  It is lovely and soft but a bugger to quilt.  I tried doing some free motion on this quilt but the stretch of the backing fabric made it impossible.  So I unpicked the mess and went with my trusty straight lines.

aqua wonky star doll quilt

For my second quilt I used a standard cotton fabric backing and did my first attempt at free motion quilting.  I pebbled this sucker to within an inch of its life.  I really liked the flow of doing pebbles but I find the idea of doing a whole quilt this way daunting.  I think I have found my next challenge.

The back of this quilt is so much fun… because it is for a Ballet fundraiser I had to use this old fabric from my stash…

quilt back

Yep those are pigs in tutus.  This is the photo where I really wish my camera was working so you could really see the joy that is ballet dancing pigs.

I am borrowing a friends Digital SLR while mine is being fixed, so I promise this is the only post with dodgy photos.