Triangle Trauma – wip Wednesday

I was spurred this week to pull out an old work in progress by Ashley at Wasn’t Quilt in A Day.  Her Mum told her that she could not start a new quilt until she had finished one of the ones she had already started.  I took this sound advice and dusted off these blocks from the beginning of the year….

modern scrap triangle quilt blocks

This quilt has been sitting in the cupboard because I am a little scared of triangles. This is only the second time I have worked with triangle-shaped blocks and I must admit I am not enjoying the process.   You really need to be precise with your points and I have done soooo much unpicking.  To help with the precision i am using a paper piecing pattern.

paper pieced triangle blocks

Emboldened by the challenge to finish this top, I pulled all the blocks I had made out and pinned them up on my design wall, using some solid fabric pink and olive triangles to break up the pattern a little.

triangle quilt blocksThere was then a flurry of activity to make the extra blocks I needed to make the quilt a usable size (14 blocks wide by 8 rows long).
My sewing machine was awash with strings of pink and olive fabric.

pink strips everywehere

By mid afternoon I was happy with how things were looking and started sewing some of the rows of blocks together.  I find this is the point where you really start to see how the finished quilt is going to look.

string of triangles

Last night there was a lot of unpicking….I am trying to be as precise as my patience will let me.  Row by row I am going to get this sucker done.

view from my sewing machine

This morning I sewed two of the rows together to check my alignment and to see how the colours and pattern are working.  They are a little off in places but with this pattern it you have to look really hard to notice.

triangle wip cu

I am determined to have this top pieced by the end of today… if only so I can start something new.  That is Ashley’s mum’s rule and I am going to try to quilt by it.  One finished before another started.  I can do this… I think!