Gold and Grey

I have just finished my gold and grey quilt which I started a couple of weeks ago.  My arm is still playing up so my quilting has slowed to a snails pace.  I was inspired to do this quilt mainly because I had a stack of yellow and orange scraps left over from another project…. and I love this colour combination.

final full quilt

The block I decided to use is a wonky square. I have done this quilt layout before with a normal block and love how it feels almost woven.  I do think the next time I will reverse the colours – a  darker colour/fabric needs to be used  as the predominant fabric.  I f I had replaced the grey with a white fabric the woven pattern would be clearer.  I now know for next time!

quilt details

I originally started making this quilt with scrappy gold fabric and a solid grey fabric.  As i played with the blocks on my design floor I realized that the solid grey was too dominant.  My husband took one look at it and suggested using scrappy grey instead.  In a quilting first for us, he was right!  I did keep three of the original solid blocks in the quilt, but they are tempered by the lighter grey fabrics.

block detail

To finish the quilt I made a back using some of the scraps of gold and yellow fabric I had in my stash and then quilted it using straight lines. After last weeks stippling misadventure it is straight line quilting for me for the next couple of quilts I think.

Detail of the back of the quilt

Detail of the back of the quilt

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