Dear Miss Banana

Dear Miss Banana,

I have just finished your quilt.  I hope you like it.

pink quilt finished

I used bright pinks and yellows to make the blocks.  I had fun picking out the fabrics, using lots of different bits and pieces to make it fun for you.  There are some fabulous dogs, as you requested.

dog block details

And some of my favorites including some cute Mariska dolls.

pink quilt detail

I did some simple quilting, which should make the quilt pretty when it is washed and will make it durable, so it should last as long as you need it.   Any repairs over the years either me or your mum can help. Just in case,  your mum can find the pattern for the quilt blocks here.

For the back of your quilt I used more of the doggy fabric you loved along with some fun yellows.

pink quilt back

Then to finish the quilt I found this really great fabric that is different shades of pink so I made the binding out of it. I think it makes the quilt look really cool.


So I hope your like your new quilt.  I put a lot of work and love into it and I hope it keeps you warm and comforted over the years to come.


Auntie Cath

ps.  I now have to find a way to get it to you in Australia.  I am hoping there is some room left in good Uncle Nick’s suitcase, but it may have to be posted to you.  There is no room left in my suitcase – it is full of presents and Lego!

7 thoughts on “Dear Miss Banana

  1. This quilt is just AWESOME! I love everything about it. I’m sure Miss Banana (love that name, btw) will treasure it! That binding fabric is a fantastic find! Well done you! 👍

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