Gentle blush – wip Wednesday

This week I have been trying to get a few projects finished, but keep getting distracted.  My first distraction was this selection of fabric I pulled from my stash.

fabric for blush block

I have accumulated over the last couple of months a selection of apricot fabric, and I have been trying to find other fabrics to work with them.  I wanted something modern and fun so I chose a blush pink and a pink/purple, and this is what I decided to do….

soft simple quilt block

I love the colours but may re-think the block.  The center where the pieces join is bulky and  just a pain in the “you know what”. 

The other distraction the last week has been hexagons.  I have now made 52 hexie flowers and have been getting quite proficient at the process.   My hexie travel kit has been living in handbag and I pull it out when ever I can.  Geeky I know but it is working.

hexagon flowers modern bright

And the main thing that these activities have been distracting me from is finishing my pink and olive triangle quilt.  It is all cut and waiting sewing.   I have decided that today that is all I am going to do – no distractions, no new projects, no excuses.

work station

Wish me luck…. I think I am going to need it.

20 thoughts on “Gentle blush – wip Wednesday

  1. Sigh. It is difficult to focus. Meanwhile, the apricot and pink block is quite effective (though I agree about the center); If you change, I hope you find one equally effective.

  2. It may BE bulky but it doesn’t look bulky. It looks perfect! (Really. Perfectly pieced!) But I understand not wanting to deal with the all the seams in the middle plus the bulk. I should think that it would wear more there, too, over the long haul. I’ve never pieced 4 half-square triangle blocks together because I wasn’t sure I wanted to deal with the bulk. You inspire me to try it.

  3. Good luck!

    Looking at all these projects, the one thing that is clear is that you have a great sense of colour and a good eye for combinations.

  4. Hey! Like the geeky Hexie kit. Don’t those flowers look great. I read your geeky comment and laughed as I had just been thinking “would it be too antisocial of I took my Hexie kit to a work lunch tomorrow”. 😆

  5. Hexie Flowers! I cannot wait to see what you do with them. They are so beautiful and I love seeing each update that you post about them! I had forgotten about your pink and olive triangle quilt, so I am super excited to see you finish that! Does that give you motivation to finish? My excitement. I hope so! Hope you are well, Cath and enjoying your week!

    • Ashley I am now unbelievable motivated;). It is a bit of a slog – I have 100 + of these triangles to make but I keep telling myself it will be worth it. The hexie flowers on the other hand are such a pleasure to make.

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