Paper Piecing Monday presents Morrison

I can not believe I am already at block 6 of my bright sampler quilt.  This week’s block is called the Morrison…

Morrison paper pieced quilt block

The pattern is once again from Julie’s Block Rock’n collection.  You can find the free paper piecing pattern here, along with different layouts for the block.  In Julie’s test block she does more with the center of the block which I really like, and which makes for a quite different  pattern.

The Morrison is not to complex a pattern and uses only 40 pieces of fabric… perfect for the scrappy approach.

Morrison block components

As I have made it to 6 blocks, I could finally lay out the blocks and see how the quilt is coming together.

Brights sampler wip

I am pleased with what I have so far.  I do love how the colour pops against the neutral grey background.    Six down, quite a few more to go…. so see you back here next week for installment 7.

20 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Monday presents Morrison

  1. Hi! I was visiting from 627Handiworks blog hop and LOVE your blocks. The main color and then one accent color may be limiting to stick to for you but I think that they are going to be a stunning quilt when they are completed. I look forward to following you and seeing the completed top. (Glad you are feeling better enough to quilt now too!)

    • Glad you found me. I have loved making this quilt with the patterns from 627Handworks. Julie’s Block Rock’n is soooo fun. I have found the limited palette frustrating at times but I think it will be worth the extra grief in the end. B

  2. Hi! I am visiting from 627Handiworks and the blog hop that you are in. I LOVE your choice of colors for the blocks. I had never thought of using one main color and an accent color. You may feel a bit limited in your choices but I think that it is going to be stunning when it is completed. I look forward to seeing the blocks as they progress and your finished quilt.

  3. I’m still behind on everyone’s blogs, but I picked your feed on Bloglovin and saw a whole stack of these blocks, right together–they look so awesome together! They are going to be an amazing quilt. I can’t decide whether this new pink block is my favorite, or the aqua… 🙂

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