Playing with dolls – wip Wednesday

Recently the Portland Modern Quilt Guild set it’s members a challenge to make Doll Quilts to help raise money for the  Oregon Ballet Theater.  I had never made a doll quilt before and it seems like a great way to practice my free motion quilting while helping out a good cause.

So I started with some 3 inch squares and came up with these…

Doll quilt wonky star

Aqua star doll quilt

What is so strange about both this little quilts is that they have made 3 inch blocks seem too big.  I am going to have to go smaller – which scares me a little, but should be interesting.

I have also started playing with some 1001 Peeps scraps I had and have this little wip on my design wall.

1001 Peeps doll quilt

Just in case you were wondering why I am supporting this cause so vigorously…

206652_17937208024_2981_nYes that is me in my bright pink tutu!


27 thoughts on “Playing with dolls – wip Wednesday

  1. I love the ballet! how fun you could combine supporting it with quilting. I also have enjoyed the few doll sized quilts I’ve made. it’s so fun to work on that scale which gets done quickly. and it really does make perfect practice for fmq!

  2. I LOVE your creativity with such a simple doll quilt ~~ that star is THE BEST!
    Will we see you dancing at any upcoming meetings?

  3. Finally! It is about time we get to see the girl behind the Wombat! She’s a sweetie and I adore her beautiful smile. Thanks Cath, for sharing. What fabulous little wonky star doll quilt tops you have made. Those fabrics – delightful!

  4. It’s funny how much block scale changes with quilt size, I don’t know why it surprises me sometimes. Practicing on small projects is a great way to play with FMQ – love seeing your tutu photo!

  5. Thanks for sharing the throwback photo! 🙂 you do some awesome things with 1001 peeps. Your little doll quilts are very cute! Too cute for any dolls I know, I’d hang ’em on the wall, ha.

  6. I htought I would just return the visit – as the stupid blogger thingy won’t let me answer comments no not-blogger users.
    Doll quilts are not only fantastic to practice FMQ they are great to practce anything quilt related. I leanred quilting making doll quilts, the first time basting, the first time quilting, the first time binding – all done on a doll quilt. Just “re-size” the pattern you want to use, and make a doll quilt and you get an idea how it could look in big.

    You see I’m a doll quilt obsessers, and they cover my walls – well none of them are mine, I sew for swaps.

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