Pastel pretty – Paper piecing Monday

This week marks the start of my next paper piecing adventure.  It took me a little while to choose my colour palette for this quilt and in the end I wanted to do something softer.  So without further ado here is the first block of the series…

modern paper pieced scrap star

The block is the September block from Don’t Call Me Betsy’s “Lucky Star BOM” program.  I subscribed to this series at the beginning of the year and have made a few of the blocks over the year, including for my Paper piecing Boston Blocks.  They are great patterns and the fun thing is if you sign up for the BOM program now you get January to September immediately.  None of the waiting month by month that I had to do – have I mentioned I am not overly patient!

pinwheel star block pieces

This pattern is an easy 44 pieces and I love the pin wheel in the center.  I hope you like the new palette and will join me next week for the block number 2.

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